BP document updated including Source Data and authors list
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BP document updated including Source Data and authors list
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 		<li>Can we provide a template implementation for the reference architecture?</li>
+<p>It is recommended that the publishing organization prepare a roadmap to address them for all stakeholders.</p>
-<p class="todo">Integrate Wiki <a href="http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Best_Practices_Discussion_Summary#Source_Data">content</a> as well as Spyros' <a href="http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/images/0/08/LegacyData.pdf">slides</a> from the F2F2</p>
+<p><b>Source Data publication check-list.</b> Before publishing your legacy data, be aware of the following elements of this list:</p>
+<p class="highlight"><b>Make sure the format of the data is not proprietary but rather standard formats e.g: csv, shp, kml, xml, DBMS, etc.</b><br/>
+<p class="highlight"><b>Provide access to the data: API, web page so that users can refer to consistently.</b> <br/>
+It is recommended to use the domain of your organization for trust.
+<p class="highlight"><b>Provide a small description of the data such as scope, content.</b> <br/>
+For tables, the names of the columns should be clear and self-descriptive if possible.<br/>
+In spreadsheet, avoid having many sheets in the same book.
+<p class="highlight"><b>Provide the type of license to be used for accessing the data.</b><br/>
+<p class="highlight"><b>Check also the frequency of the publication and provide that information.</b><br/>
+<p class="highlight"><b>Provide additional documents explaining the key concepts/terms of your data to avoid misinterpretation.</b><br/>
+<p class="highlight"><b>Provide a contact address/email of the role responsible for the data for any further support.</b><br/>
+<p class="highlight"><b>Be privacy aware when publishing data.</b><br/>
+Although any data that is published can be potentially misused later by an unknown party, the threat is balanced by benefits by privacy groups (including <a href="http://www.w3.org/Privacy/" target="_blank">W3C Privacy</a>) to provide recommendations. Follow them. Start by not revealing personally identifiable information without masking. Examples of such data are - individual names, national identification number, phone number, credit card number and driver license number.
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     editors:  [
         		{ name: "Bernadette Hyland", url: "http://3roundstones.com/about-us/leadership-team/bernadette-hyland/",  company: "3 Round Stones, Inc", companyURL: "http://3roundstones.com/"},
 		{ name: "Boris Villaz&oacute;n-Terrazas", url: "http://boris.villazon.terrazas.name",  company: "iSOCO, Intelligent Software Components S.A., Madrid, Spain", companyURL: "http://www.isoco.com"},
-		{ name: "Michael Hausenblas", url: "http://sw-app.org/mic.xhtml#i", company: "DERI Galway at the National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland", companyURL: "http://www.deri.ie" }
     // authors, add as many as you like. 
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     // only "name" is required. Same format as editors.
     //authors:  [],
+    authors: [
+		{ name: "Michael Hausenblas", url: "http://sw-app.org/mic.xhtml#i", company: "DERI Galway at the National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland", companyURL: "http://www.deri.ie" },
+    	{ name: "Ghislain Atemezing", url: "",  company: "INSTITUT TELECOM", companyURL: ""},
+    	{ name: "John Erickson", url: "",  company: "RPI", companyURL: ""},
+    	{ name: "Michael Pendleton", url: "",  company: "US EPA", companyURL: ""},
+    	{ name: "Hadley Beeman", url: "",  company: "LinkedGov", companyURL: ""},
+    	{ name: "Anne Washington", url: "",  company: "GMU", companyURL: ""},
+    	{ name: "Ron Reck", url: "",  company: "", companyURL: ""},
+    	{ name: "Spyros Kotoulas", url: "",  company: "IBM/SCTC", companyURL: ""},
+    	{ name: "Biplav Srivastava", url: "",  company: "IBM", companyURL: ""},
+    	{ name: "Daniel Vila", url: "",  company: "UPM", companyURL: ""}
+    ],
     // name of the WG
     wg:           "Government Linked Data Working Group",