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Replace Fadi with Gofran, updated conformance section
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 <section id="conformance">
-<p>Conformance to this vocabulary means using its classes, properties and relationships to 
-describe assets. It does not necessarily mean using <em>every</em> term and there are no
-terms that are mandatory. However, the inclusion of a term signals that the Working Group 
-has found it to be useful. Applications MAY specify a minimum set of terms that publishers must use
-if their data is to be processed, and MAY also specify controlled vocabularies as acceptable values for properties. 
-This specification treats such restrictions as <em>application-specific</em> and therefore
-makes no such restrictions. However, the Working Group recognizes that 
-restrictions (cardinality constraints) are often important. As an example, the original ADMS specification 
-[[ADMS1]] includes a number of controlled vocabularies and cardinality constraints on 
-properties that are relevant to the European Commission's 
-<a href="">Joinup Platform</a> that are not included in this more general document.</p>
-<p>It is, perhaps, easier to define non-conformance. A non-conformant implementation is one that
-uses a term other than one defined in this document that could reasonably be used.</p>
+<p>A data interchange, however that interchange occurs, is conformant with ADMS if:</p>
+  <li>it uses terms (classes and properties) from ADMS in a way consistent with their semantics as declared in this specification;</li>
+  <li>it does <strong>not</strong> use terms from other vocabularies instead of ones defined in this vocabulary that could reasonably be used.</li>
+<p>A conforming data interchange:</p>
+  <li><em class="rfc2119" title="may">may</em> include terms from other vocabularies;</li>
+  <li><em class="rfc2119" title="may">may</em> use only a subset of ADMS terms.</li>
+<p>An <strong>ADMS profile</strong> is a specification for data interchange that adds additional constraints. Such additional
+  constraints in a profile <em class="rfc2119" title="may">may</em>
+  include:</p>
+  <li>a minimum set of required terms;</li>
+  <li>classes and properties for additional terms not covered in ADMS;</li>
+  <li>controlled vocabularies or URI sets as acceptable values for properties;</li>
+<li>guidance on the use of pairs of inverse properties (such as selecting only one
+  member of the pair to be included, or requiring that both members be explicitly included).</li>
 <p>ADMS is technology-neutral and a publisher may use any of the terms defined in this 
 document encoded in any technology although RDF and XML are preferred.</p>
 <div class="editorsnote">
-<p>The above is very much open to discussion. The original conformance statement for ADMS says:</p>
-<li><i>ADMS compliance</i> means that a provider uses a subset of the ADMS vocabulary when publishing catalog and semantic asset metadata. This is likely to be the common case.</li>
-<li><i>ADMS conformance</i> means that a provider uses the entire ADMS vocabulary when publishing catalog and semantic asset metadata.</li>
+<p>This is the ADMS version of the wording used in ORG. That wording in turn
+was developed (by Dave R) in response to <a href="">ACTION-76</a> following 
+discussions on <a href=""> 13 September</a> and
+<a href="">26 July</a> (the latter with with Rufus Pollock).</p>
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 properties of its own. A full set of namespaces and prefixes used in this
 document is shown in the table below.</p>
-<p class="editorsnote">The use of RADion is not confirmed. The GLD WG is considering alternatives,
-notably the proposed <a href="">dataset extension to</a>. Both
-offer a common framework that can be useful to ADMS, DCAT and other vocabularies.</p>
+<p class="editorsnote">The use of RADion is under discussion. See <a href="">ISSUE-36</a>.</p>
 <table id="namespaces">
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     // specification status (e.g. WD, LCWD, NOTE, etc.). If in doubt use ED.
     specStatus:           "ED",
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+    publishDate:          "2012-10-04",
     //copyrightStart:       "2010",
     // the specification's short name, as in
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     // only "name" is required
     editors:  [
         { name: "Phil Archer", url: "", company: "W3C/ERCIM", companyURL: "" },
-        { name: "Fadi Maali??", url: "mailto:[email protected]", company: "DERI, NUIG", companyURL: ""},
+        { name: "Gofran Shukair", url: "mailto:[email protected]", company: "DERI, NUIG", companyURL: ""},
     // authors, add as many as you like.