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Merging Ghislain changes on glossary into what looks like most recent version from bhyland
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+<h4>Data Cloud</h4>
+Also refered to <a href="">Linked Data Cloud</a>  is visual representation of datasets published in Linked Data format, using metadata generated by a given directory (e.g: CKAN) where the datasets are organized by domain, with outgoing links to external datasets. 
+</section >
+<section >
 <h4>Data Hub</h4>
 The <a href="">Data Hub</a> is a community-run catalogue of useful sets of data on the Internet, powered using an open-source data cataloguing software called <a href="">CKAN</a>. It is an openly editable open data catalogue, in the style of Wikipedia.
 </section >
 <section >
 <h4>Data Market</h4>
-<p class="todo">@@TODO: [email protected]@</p>
+A portal where a community can upload and share data in various ways, such as dump files, endpoint access or API access.
+It could also contain some applications making use of the datasets.
 </section >
 <section >
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 <h4>Semantic Web Search Engine</h4>
-<p class="todo">@@TODO: [email protected]@</p>
+A search engine capable of making use of semantic technologies both to model its knowledge base and the content delivered to the users.