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-<h2 id="Extending_the_vocabulary">Extending the DCAT vocabulary</h2>
-  <li> As with all RDF models, the DCAT model can be extended simply by using additional RDF properties anywhere. Data catalog publishers may choose from properties in existing vocabularies or create their own custom vocabulary.</li>
-  <li> Additional classes, from existing or new vocabularies, may also be used.</li>
-  <li> Extensions used in a particular catalog should be documented to ensure that consumers of the data are aware of the additional available properties.</li>
-  <li> Creating new subclasses and subproperties of terms used in dcat, such as new types of distributions, is generally discouraged because it can break SPARQL queries that data consumers use to query the data.</li>
-  <li> As always with RDF, if you need to introduce new classes or properties, <em>do not introduce new terms in existing namespaces "owned" by someone else</em>, but set up your own namespace and define new terms in that namespace.</li>