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-    <p>@@@ To Do @@@</p>
+    <p>DCAT is an RDF vocabulary designed to facilitate interoperability between data catalogues published on the Web. DCAT emerged from the W3C <a href="">eGov Interest Group</a> and W3C <a href="">Government Linked Data</a> (GLD) Working Group but can be used for any entity publishing catalogues of datasets.</p>
+    <p>DCAT was conceived with the following benefits in mind:
+<li>Embedded metadata in catalogue web pages increases data "findability, enables decentralised publishing of catalogues, and makes federated search</li>
+<li>Provides a basis for one-click download and installation of data packages</li>
+<li>Aggregated DCAT metadata serves as manifest file to faciliate digital preservation</li>
+<li>A uniform metadata model enables applications to be built once and work with multiple catalogues</li>
+    <p>This document defines the RDF schema for DCAT and provides examples for its use.</p>
+<p>@@@ TODO: clarify? @@@</p>
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   <h2>Status of This Document</h2>