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 <p>The primary ADMS concepts are detailed below.</p>
   <dt id="pc_semanticAssetRepository">Semantic Asset Repository</dt>
-  <dd><p class="rdfEncoding">RDF encoding: <code>adms:SematicAssetRepository</code></p>
+  <dd><p class="rdfEncoding">RDF encoding: <code>adms:SemanticAssetRepository</code></p>
   <p>A system or service that provides facilities for storage and maintenance of 
   descriptions of Semantic Assets and Semantic Asset Distributions, and 
   functionality that allows users to search and access these descriptions. A 
@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@
   Assets and related Semantic Asset Distributions.</p></dd>
   <dt id="pc_semanticAsset">Semantic Asset</dt>
-  <p class="rdfEncoding">RDF encoding: <code>adms:SematicAsset</code></p>
+  <p class="rdfEncoding">RDF encoding: <code>adms:SemanticAsset</code></p>
   <p>An abstract entity that reflects the intellectual content of the asset and 
   represents those characteristics of the asset that are independent of its physical 
   embodiment. This abstract entity combines the FRBR entities <em>work</em> (a distinct