correcting the Turtle examples. removing slashes from URI localnames\n\n see
Thu, 03 May 2012 13:17:15 +0100
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correcting the Turtle examples. removing slashes from URI localnames\n\n see
--- a/dcat/index.html	Mon Apr 30 02:12:35 2012 -0400
+++ b/dcat/index.html	Thu May 03 13:17:15 2012 +0100
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@
        dct:publisher :transparency-office ;
        dcat:themes :themes ;
        dct:language "en"^^xsd:language ;
-       dcat:dataset :dataset/001 ;
+       dcat:dataset :dataset-001 ;
 <p>The publisher of the catalog has the relative URI&nbsp;:transparency-office. Further description of the publisher can be provided as in the following example:
@@ -144,22 +144,22 @@
 <p>The catalog connect to each of its datasets via dcat:dataset. In the example above, an example dataset was mentioned with the relative URI&nbsp;:dataset/001. A possible description of it using dcat is shown below:
-<pre>  &nbsp;:dataset/001
+<pre>  &nbsp;:dataset-001
        a       dcat:Dataset&nbsp;;
        dct:title "Imaginary dataset"&nbsp;;
        dcat:keyword "accountability","transparency" ,"payments"&nbsp;;
-       dcat:theme&nbsp;:themes/accountability&nbsp;;
+       dcat:theme&nbsp;:accountability&nbsp;;
        dct:issued "2011-12-05"^^xsd:date&nbsp;;
        dct:updated "2011-12-05"^^xsd:date&nbsp;;
-       dct:publisher&nbsp;:agency/finance-ministry&nbsp;;
+       dct:publisher&nbsp;:finance-ministry&nbsp;;
        dct:accrualPeriodicity "every six months"&nbsp;;
        dct:language "en"^^xsd:language&nbsp;;
-       dcat:Distribution&nbsp;:dataset/001/csv&nbsp;;
+       dcat:Distribution&nbsp;:dataset-001-csv&nbsp;;
 <p>Notice that this dataset is classified under the domain represented by the relative URI&nbsp;:themes/accountability. This should be part of the domains set identified by the URI&nbsp;:themes that was used to describe the catalog domains. An example SKOS description
-<pre>   &nbsp;:themes/accountability 
+<pre>   &nbsp;:accountability 
         a skos:Concept&nbsp;;
         skos:prefLabel "Accountability"&nbsp;;
@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@
 <p>The dataset can be downloaded in CSV format via the distribution represented by&nbsp;:dataset/001/csv.
-<pre>  &nbsp;:dataset/001/csv
+<pre>  &nbsp;:dataset-001-csv
        a dcat:Distribution&nbsp;;
        dcat:accessURL &lt;<a href="" class="external free" title="" rel="nofollow"></a>&gt;&nbsp;;
        dct:title "CSV distribution of imaginary dataset 001"&nbsp;;
@@ -180,13 +180,13 @@
 <p>Finally, if the catalog publisher decides to keep metadata describing its records (i.e. the records containing metadata describing the datasets) dcat:CatalogRecord can be used. For example,&nbsp;:dataset/001 was issued on 2011-12-05. however, its description on Imaginary Catalog was added on 2011-12-11. This can be represented by dcat:
-<pre>  &nbsp;:record/001
+<pre>  &nbsp;:record-001
        a dcat:CatalogRecord&nbsp;;
-       foaf:primaryTopic&nbsp;:dataset/001&nbsp;;
+       foaf:primaryTopic&nbsp;:dataset-001&nbsp;;
        dct:issued "2011-12-11"^^xsd:date&nbsp;;
-       dcat:record&nbsp;:record/001&nbsp;;
+       dcat:record&nbsp;:record-001&nbsp;;
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