Separate macros for range/selection "collapsed"
authorAryeh Gregor <>
Wed, 13 Jul 2011 13:55:04 -0600
changeset 423 bb55a5618600
parent 422 4d6d09938ea9
child 424 3d003645df10
Separate macros for range/selection "collapsed"

They're different, don't want to confuse them by just having
--- a/preprocess	Wed Jul 13 13:53:49 2011 -0600
+++ b/preprocess	Wed Jul 13 13:55:04 2011 -0600
@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@
     'cdlength': '<code data-anolis-spec=domcore title=dom-CharacterData-length>length</code>',
     'child': '<span data-anolis-spec=domcore title=concept-tree-child>child</span>',
     'children': '<span data-anolis-spec=domcore title=concept-tree-child>children</span>',
-    'collapsed': '<code data-anolis-spec=domrange title=dom-Range-collapsed>collapsed</code>',
     'collection': '<span data-anolis-spec=domcore title=concept-collection>collection</span>',
     'contained': '<span data-anolis-spec=domrange>contained</span>',
     'comment': '<code data-anolis-spec=domcore>Comment</code>',
@@ -78,6 +77,7 @@
     'presentationalhint': '<span data-anolis-spec=html title="presentational hints">presentational hint</span>',
     'previoussibling': '<code data-anolis-spec=domcore title=dom-Node-previousSibling>previousSibling</code>',
     'range': '<span data-anolis-spec=domrange title=concept-range>range</span>',
+    'rangecollapsed': '<code data-anolis-spec=domrange title=dom-Range-collapsed>collapsed</code>',
     'rangeend': '<span data-anolis-spec=domrange title=concept-range-end>end</span>',
     'rangemutationrules': '<span data-anolis-spec=domrange>range mutation rules</span>',
     'rangeroot': '<span data-anolis-spec=domrange title=concept-range-root>root</span>',
@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@
     'removeallranges': '<code data-anolis-spec=domrange title=dom-Selection-removeAllRanges>removeAllRanges()</code>',
     'resval': '<a href=>resolved value</a>',
     's': '<code data-anolis-spec=html title="the s element">s</code>',
+    'selcollapsed': '<span data-anolis-spec=domrange title=dom-Selection-isCollapsed>collapsed</span>',
     'selection': '<code data-anolis-spec=domrange>Selection</code>',
     'sibling': '<span data-anolis-spec=domcore title=concept-tree-sibling>sibling</span>',
     'spacecharacter': '<span data-anolis-spec=domcore title="space character">space character</span>',
--- a/source.html	Wed Jul 13 13:53:49 2011 -0600
+++ b/source.html	Wed Jul 13 13:55:04 2011 -0600
@@ -1231,22 +1231,22 @@
   <li><var>node</var> is <var>range</var>'s [[startnode]], it is a [[text]]
   node, its [[nodelength]] is different from <var>range</var>'s
-  [[startoffset]], and <var>range</var> is not [[collapsed]].
+  [[startoffset]], and <var>range</var> is not [[rangecollapsed]].
   <!-- So like <b>f[oo]</b> or <b>f[o]o</b> or <b>f[oo</b>}, but not
   <b>foo[</b>} or <b>f[]oo</b>. -->
   <li><var>node</var> is <var>range</var>'s [[endnode]], it is a [[text]] node,
   <var>range</var>'s [[endoffset]] is not 0, and <var>range</var> is not
-  [[collapsed]].
+  [[rangecollapsed]].
   <li><var>node</var> has at least one [[child]]; and all its [[children]] are
   <span>effectively contained</span> in <var>range</var>; and either
   <var>range</var>'s [[startnode]] is not a [[descendant]] of <var>node</var>
   or is not a [[text]] node or <var>range</var>'s [[startoffset]] is zero or
-  <var>range</var> is [[collapsed]]; and either <var>range</var>'s [[endnode]]
+  <var>range</var> is [[rangecollapsed]]; and either <var>range</var>'s [[endnode]]
   is not a [[descendant]] of <var>node</var> or is not a [[text]] node or
   <var>range</var>'s [[endoffset]] is its [[endnode]]'s [[length]] or
-  <var>range</var> is [[collapsed]].
+  <var>range</var> is [[rangecollapsed]].
   Basically, anything whose children are all effectively contained should be
   effectively contained itself, except that in a case like <b>f[o]o</b> we