Fix 23751,24739 - "Select" key is not defined
authorGary Kacmarcik <>
Mon, 07 Apr 2014 14:33:03 -0700
changeset 571 fc7d6711a24d
parent 570 b98fadd48bc8
child 572 7f4f43cc395b
Fix 23751,24739 - "Select" key is not defined
--- a/html/DOM3-Events.html	Mon Apr 07 13:58:22 2014 -0700
+++ b/html/DOM3-Events.html	Mon Apr 07 14:33:03 2014 -0700
@@ -7257,11 +7257,11 @@
-					<p>The following keys are found on special-purpose international keyboards.
+					<p>The following keys may be found on non-standard international keyboards.
 					<table id="table-key-code-international" class="data-table full-width">
-						<caption>List of code values for keys found on special international keyboards.</caption>
+						<caption>List of code values for keys found on international keyboards.</caption>
 						<thead><tr><th>Code Value</th><th>Notes (Informative)</th></tr></thead>
 							<tr><td><code id="code-Hiragana" class="key-code">'Hiragana'</code></td>
@@ -8603,10 +8603,6 @@
 			<section id="keys-ui">
 				<h4>UI Keys</h4>
-<p class="issue">
-Any objection to adding SELECT here?
-<a href="">23751</a>
 				<div id="key-table-ui" class="key-table">
 					<key name="Accept">The Accept (Commit, OK) key. Accept current option or input method sequence conversion.</key>
 					<key name="Again">The Again key, to redo or repeat an action.</key>
@@ -8626,6 +8622,7 @@
 						<p class="note"><strong>Note:</strong> Do not use this value for the play button on media controllers. Use <code>'MediaPlay'</code> instead.</p>
 					<key name="Props">The properties (Props) key.</key>
+					<key name="Select">The Select key.</key>
 					<key name="ScrollLock">The Scroll Lock key, to toggle between scrolling and cursor movement modes.</key>
 					<key name="ZoomIn">The ZoomIn key.</key>
 					<key name="ZoomOut">The ZoomOut key.</key>