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          <dt id="glossary-dt-defaultView">defaultView</dt>
          <dd>The <code>defaultView</code> is the <a href="" title="Document Object Model Views"><code>AbstractView</code> interface</a> of the <code>Document</code>'s <a href="" title="Document Object Model Views"><code>DocumentView</code> interface</a>, which serves as a reference to the containing frame or window.  This interface may also be accessed as the <code>Window</code> interface in many implementations.</dd>
+         <dt id="glossary-dt-deprecated">deprecated</dt>
+         <dd>Features marked as deprecated are included in the specification as reference to older implementations or specifications, but are optional and discouraged.  Only features which have existing or in-progress replacements shall be deprecated in this specification.  Implementations which do not already include support for the feature should not implement deprecated features, and authors creating content should not use deprecated features, unless there is no other way to solve a use case.  Other specifications which reference this specification should not use deprecated features, but should point instead to the replacements of which the feature is deprecated in favor.</dd>
         <dt id="glossary-dt-dispatch">dispatch</dt>
         <dd>To create an event with attributes and methods appropriate to its type and context, and propagate it through the DOM tree in the specified manner. Interchangeable with the term "fire", e.g. "fire a 'click' event" or "dispatch a 'load' event".</dd>