Add intro paragraph about keypress to Appendix B.
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Add intro paragraph about keypress to Appendix B.
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 			<h2>Legacy <code>keypress</code> event</h2>
 			<p><em>This section is informative</em></p>
+			<p>The <a class="eventtype" href="#event-type-keypress"><code>keypress</code></a> event is the traditional method for capturing key events and
+				processing them before the DOM is updated with the effects of the key press. Code that makes use of the keypress event typically relies on the legacy
+				<a href="#events-KeyboardEvent-supplemental-charCode">charCode</a>,
+				<a href="#events-KeyboardEvent-supplemental-keyCode">keyCode</a>,
+				and <a href="#events-KeyboardEvent-supplemental-which">which</a>
+				attributes.</p>
+			<p>Note that the <a class="eventtype" href="#event-type-keypress"><code>keypress</code></a> event is specific to key events, and has been replaced
+				by the more general event sequence of <a class="eventtype" href="#event-type-beforeinput"><code>beforeinput</code></a>
+				and <a class="eventtype" href="#event-type-input"><code>input</code></a> events.
+				These new input events are not specific to keyboard actions and can be used to capture user input regardless of the original source.
+				</p>
 			<!-- keypress -->
 			<div class="event-definition">