Add missing key names.
authorGary Kacmarcik <>
Wed, 31 Jul 2013 05:55:24 -0700
changeset 439 85830d2beba3
parent 438 ced10a092365
child 440 af6e4a25da6f
Add missing key names.

This fixes the following bugs:
21115 - Redo key
21116 - SingleCandidate key
21118 - Power related device keys
21119 - ZoomIn/ZoomOut
21139 - ZenkakuHankaku & friends
--- a/html/DOM3-Events.html	Mon Jul 29 08:46:26 2013 -0700
+++ b/html/DOM3-Events.html	Wed Jul 31 05:55:24 2013 -0700
@@ -6438,7 +6438,11 @@
 						<key name="Cancel">The Cancel key.</key>
 						<key name="Esc">The Escape (Esc) key, to initiate an escape sequence.</key>
 						<key name="Exit">Exit current state or current application (as appropriate).</key>
-						<key name="Zoom">Toggle between full-screen and scaled content, or alter magnification level.</key>
+						<key name="Zoom">Toggle between full-screen and scaled content, or alter magnification level.
+							<p class="issue"><strong>Issue:</strong> Is this confusable with ZoomIn/ZoomOut? Would something like FullScreenToggle be better?</p>
+							</key>
+						<key name="ZoomIn">The ZoomIn key.</key>
+						<key name="ZoomOut">The ZoomOut key.</key>
 					<p>Character and Math keys</p>
 					<div id="keys-character" class="key-table">
@@ -6451,10 +6455,20 @@
 						<key name="BrightnessUp">The Brightness Up key. Typically controls the display brightness.</key>
 						<key name="Camera">The Camera key.</key>
 						<key name="Eject">Toggle removable media to eject (open) and insert (close) state.</key>
+						<key name="PrintScreen">The Print Screen (PrintScrn, SnapShot) key, to initiate print-screen function.</key>
 						<key name="Power">Toggle power state.
 							<p class="note"><strong>Note:</strong> Some devices might not expose this key to the operating environment.</p>
-						<key name="PrintScreen">The Print Screen (PrintScrn, SnapShot) key, to initiate print-screen function.</key>
+						<key name="Standby">The Standby key.</key>
+						<key name="PowerDown">The PowerDown key.</key>
+						<key name="PowerOff">The PowerOff key.
+							<p class="issue"><strong>Issue:</strong> How is this different from the PowerDown key?</p>
+							</key>
+						<key name="WakeUp">The WakeUp key.</key>
+						<key name="Sleep">The Sleep key.</key>
+						<key name="LogOff">The LogOff key.</key>
+						<key name="Suspend">The Suspend key.</key>
+						<key name="Hibernate">The Hibernate key.</key>
 					<p>Browser keys</p>
 					<div id="keys-browser" class="key-table">
@@ -6497,6 +6511,7 @@
 						<key name="Insert">The Insert (Ins) key, to toggle between text modes for insertion or overtyping.</key>
 						<key name="Paste">The Paste key.</key>
 						<key name="Undo">The Undo key.</key>
+						<key name="Redo">The Redo key.</key>
 					<p>Composition keys</p>
 					<div id="keys-composition" class="key-table">
@@ -6545,21 +6560,24 @@
 						<key name="AllCandidates">The All Candidates key, to initate the multi-candidate mode.</key>
 						<key name="NextCandidate">The Next Candidate function key.</key>
 						<key name="PreviousCandidate">The Previous Candidate function key.</key>
+						<key name="SingleCandidate">The Single Candidate function key.</key>
 						<key name="CodeInput">The Code Input key, to initiate the Code Input mode to allow characters to be entered by their code points.</key>
 						<key name="Convert">The Convert key, to convert the current input method sequence.</key>
 						<key name="Nonconvert">The Nonconvert (Don't Convert) key, to accept current input method sequence without conversion in IMEs.</key>
 						<key name="FinalMode">The Final Mode (Final) key used on some Asian keyboards, to enable the final mode for IMEs.</key>
 						<key name="FullWidth">The Full-Width Characters key.</key>
 						<key name="HalfWidth">The Half-Width Characters key.</key>
+						<key name="ZenkakuHankaku">The Zenkaku/Hankaku (full-width/half-width) toggle key.</key>
 						<key name="ModeChange">The Mode Change key, to toggle between or cycle through input modes of IMEs.</key>
 						<key name="RomanCharacters">The Roman Characters function key, also known as the <code>'Youngja'</code> or <code>'Young'</code> key.</key>
 						<key name="HangulMode">The Hangul (Korean characters) Mode key, to toggle between Hangul and English modes.</key>
 						<key name="HanjaMode">The Hanja (Korean characters) Mode key.</key>
 						<key name="JunjaMode">The Junja (Korean characters) Mode key.</key>
-						<key name="Hiragana">The Hiragana (Japanese Kana characters) key.</key>
 						<key name="KanaMode">The Kana Mode (Kana Lock) key.</key>
 						<key name="KanjiMode">The Kanji (Japanese name for ideographic characters of Chinese origin) Mode key.</key>
+						<key name="Hiragana">The Hiragana (Japanese Kana characters) key.</key>
 						<key name="Katakana">The Katakana (Japanese Kana characters) key.</key>
+						<key name="HiraganaKatakana">The Hiragana/Katakana toggle key.</key>
 					<p>Media keys</p>
 					<div id="keys-media" class="key-table">