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         <dt>Previous version:</dt>
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         <dd><a href="">Bj&#246;rn H&#246;hrmann</a> Invited Expert (until December 2007)</dd>
         <dd>Philippe Le H&#233;garet, <em>W3C (until November 2003)</em></dd>
         <dd>Tom Pixley, <em>Netscape Communications Corporation (until July 2002)</em></dd>
-        <dd>Arnaud Le Hors, W3C (until November 2003)</dd>
-        <dd>Robert S. Sutor, IBM Research (for DOM Level 1)</dd>
       <p class="copyright" id="copyright-copy-2009-w3creg-mit-ercim-kei"><a href="">Copyright</a>
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       <h1 id="acknowledgements-contributors" class="adiv1">Appendix G: Acknowledgements</h1>
       <p class="1st">Many people contributed to the DOM specifications (Level 1, 2 or 3), including participants of the DOM Working Group and the DOM Interest Group. We especially thank the following:</p>
       <p>Andrew Watson (Object Management Group), Andy Heninger (IBM), Angel Diaz (IBM), Arnaud Le Hors (W3C and IBM), Ashok Malhotra (IBM and Microsoft), Ben Chang (Oracle), Bill Smith (Sun), Bill Shea (Merrill Lynch), Bob Sutor (IBM), Chris Lovett (Microsoft), Chris Wilson (Microsoft), David Brownell (Sun), David Ezell (Hewlett-Packard Company), David Singer (IBM), Dimitris Dimitriadis (Improve AB and invited expert), Don Park (invited), Elena Litani (IBM), Eric Vasilik (Microsoft), Gavin Nicol (INSO), Ian Jacobs (W3C), James Clark (invited), James Davidson (Sun), Jared Sorensen (Novell), Jeroen van Rotterdam (X-Hive Corporation), Joe Kesselman (IBM), Joe Lapp (webMethods), Joe Marini (Macromedia), Johnny Stenback (Netscape/AOL), Jon Ferraiolo (Adobe), Jonathan Marsh (Microsoft), Jonathan Robie (Texcel Research and Software AG), Kim Adamson-Sharpe (SoftQuad Software Inc.), Lauren Wood (SoftQuad Software Inc., <em>former Chair</em>), Laurence Cable (Sun), Mark Davis (IBM), Mark Scardina (Oracle), Martin D&#252;rst (W3C), Mary Brady (NIST), Mick Goulish (Software AG), Mike Champion (Arbortext and Software AG), Miles Sabin (Cromwell Media), Patti Lutsky (Arbortext), Paul Grosso (Arbortext), Peter Sharpe (SoftQuad Software Inc.), Phil Karlton (Netscape), Philippe Le H&#233;garet (W3C, <em>W3C Team Contact and former Chair</em>), Ramesh Lekshmynarayanan (Merrill Lynch), Ray Whitmer (iMall, [email protected], and Netscape/AOL, <em>Chair</em>), Rezaur Rahman (Intel), Rich Rollman (Microsoft), Rick Gessner (Netscape), Rick Jelliffe (invited), Rob Relyea (Microsoft), Scott Isaacs (Microsoft), Sharon Adler (INSO), Steve Byrne (JavaSoft), Tim Bray (invited), Tim Yu (Oracle), Tom Pixley (Netscape/AOL), Vidur Apparao (Netscape), Vinod Anupam (Lucent).</p>
+      <p>The following people made substantial material contribution to the glossary in earlier versions: Arnaud Le Hors (W3C) and Robert S. Sutor (IBM Research).</p>
       <p>After publication of this document as Working Group Note in November 2003, the participants of the WebAPI Working Group resumed development of this document:</p>
       <p>Anne van Kesteren (Opera Software), Arun Ranganathan (AOL), Bj&#246;rn H&#246;hrmann, Charles McCathieNevile (Opera Software, <em>Co-Chair</em>), Christophe Jolif (ILOG), Dean Jackson (W3C, <em>W3C Team Contact</em>), Doug Schepers (Vectoreal), Gorm Haug Eriksen (Opera Software), Ian Davis (Talis Information Limited), Ian Hickson (Google), John Robinson (AOL), Jonas Sicking (Mozilla Foundation), Luca Mascaro (HTML Writers Guild), Maciej Stachowiak (Apple Computer), Marc Hadley (Sun Microsystems), Michael Shenfield (Research In Motion), Robin Berjon, (Expway, <em>Co-Chair</em>) , Scott Hayman (Research In Motion), St&#233;phane Sire (IntuiLab), T.V. Raman (Google)</p>