Fix bugs 21966 and 17625
authorGary Kacmarcik <>
Tue, 09 Jul 2013 15:36:48 -0700
changeset 428 4cc962f2084b
parent 427 eae783ac561c
child 429 837c84bbeac5
Fix bugs 21966 and 17625

21966: D3E spec should prohibit browser vendors name original key name
17625: Shouldn't ExSel key value be Exsel?
--- a/html/DOM3-Events.html	Tue Jul 09 15:24:51 2013 -0700
+++ b/html/DOM3-Events.html	Tue Jul 09 15:36:48 2013 -0700
@@ -6296,13 +6296,6 @@
 									<li>the <a href="#events-KeyboardEvent-char"><code>KeyboardEvent.char</code></a> attribute MUST be the <a class="def" href="#glossary-empty-string">empty string</a>.</li>
-							<li>If there is no appropriate key value in the <a href="#keys-keyvalues">key values set</a>, then a key value MUST be devised.  The key value SHOULD be as human friendly
-								as possible and MUST not contain whitespace characters.  The value MUST be composed only of characters in the ranges
-								(<abbr title="0-9"><code class="char">'\u0030'</code>..<code class="char">'\u0039'</code></abbr>),
-								(<abbr title="A-Z"><code class="char">'\u0041'</code>..<code class="char">'\u005A'</code></abbr>), or
-								(<abbr title="a-z"><code class="char">'\u0061'</code>..<code class="char">'\u007A'</code></abbr>), and MUST begin with a character in the range
-								(<abbr title="A-Z"><code class="char">'\u0041'</code>..<code class="char">'\u005A'</code></abbr>).
-							</li>
@@ -6393,8 +6386,8 @@
 						<!-- All keys must be defined in the keytable div -->
 						<key name="Attn" cat="General">The Attention (Attn) key.</key>
 						<key name="Apps" cat="General">Toggle display of available (interactive) application list.</key>
-						<key name="Crsel" cat="General">The Cursor Select (Crsel) key.</key>
-						<key name="Exsel" cat="General">The Extend Selection (Exsel) key.</key>
+						<key name="CrSel" cat="General">The Cursor Select (Crsel) key.</key>
+						<key name="ExSel" cat="General">The Extend Selection (Exsel) key.</key>
 						<key name="F1" cat="General">The F1 key, a general purpose function key, as index 1.</key>
 						<key name="F2" cat="General">The F2 key, a general purpose function key, as index 2.</key>
 						<key name="F3" cat="General">The F3 key, a general purpose function key, as index 3.</key>