Correct Escape and Delete key names.
authorGary Kacmarcik <>
Fri, 23 Aug 2013 07:23:13 -0700
changeset 465 4497fdb7208b
parent 464 2471b17ce4f8
child 466 35fc13991228
Correct Escape and Delete key names.
--- a/html/DOM3-Events.html	Wed Aug 21 15:00:11 2013 -0700
+++ b/html/DOM3-Events.html	Fri Aug 23 07:23:13 2013 -0700
@@ -6175,7 +6175,7 @@
 						<key name="ScrollLock">The Scroll Lock key, to toggle between scrolling and cursor movement modes.</key>
 						<key name="Execute">The Execute key.</key>
 						<key name="Cancel">The Cancel key.</key>
-						<key name="Esc">The Escape (Esc) key, to initiate an escape sequence.</key>
+						<key name="Escape">The Escape (Esc) key, to initiate an escape sequence.</key>
 						<key name="Exit">Exit current state or current application (as appropriate).</key>
 						<key name="Zoom">Toggle between full-screen and scaled content, or alter magnification level.
 							<p class="issue"><strong>Issue:</strong> Is this confusable with ZoomIn/ZoomOut? Would something like FullScreenToggle be better?</p>
@@ -7094,7 +7094,7 @@
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'Control'</code></td>			<td class="cell-center">17</td>		<td></td>	</tr>
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'Alt'</code></td>				<td class="cell-center">18</td>		<td></td>	</tr>
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'CapsLock'</code></td>		<td class="cell-center">20</td>		<td></td>	</tr>
-					<tr><td><code class="key">'Esc'</code></td>				<td class="cell-center">27</td>		<td><em>Escape</em></td>	</tr>
+					<tr><td><code class="key">'Escape'</code></td>			<td class="cell-center">27</td>		<td><em>Esc</em></td>	</tr>
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'Spacebar'</code></td>		<td class="cell-center">32</td>		<td><em>Space</em></td>	</tr>
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'PageUp'</code></td>			<td class="cell-center">33</td>		<td></td>	</tr>
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'PageDown'</code></td>		<td class="cell-center">34</td>		<td></td>	</tr>
@@ -7104,7 +7104,7 @@
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'Up'</code></td>				<td class="cell-center">38</td>		<td></td>	</tr>
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'Right'</code></td>			<td class="cell-center">39</td>		<td></td>	</tr>
 					<tr><td><code class="key">'Down'</code></td>			<td class="cell-center">40</td>		<td></td>	</tr>
-					<tr><td><code class="key">'Del'</code></td>				<td class="cell-center">46</td>		<td><em>Delete</em></td>	</tr>
+					<tr><td><code class="key">'Delete'</code></td>			<td class="cell-center">46</td>		<td><em>Del</em></td>	</tr>