Add link to mouse-event-test page for discussion.
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Tue, 22 Oct 2013 16:54:27 -0700
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Add link to mouse-event-test page for discussion.
Remove issue for resolved bugs (focus context).
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 						operating system, even when switching from one focus context to another.
-					<p class="issue">
-						See bug <a href="">23271</a> - "confusing and unclear text about system focus and document focus"
-						</p>
 					<p>Normally, a document always has a focused element (even if it is the document element itself) and a persistent <a class="def" href="#glossary-event-focus-ring">focus
 						ring</a>. When switching between focus contexts, the document's currently focused element and focus ring normally remain in their current state. For example,
 						if a document has three focusable elements, with the second element focused, when a user changes operating system focus to another application and then back to
@@ -2834,6 +2830,7 @@
 					<h4>Mouse Event Order</h4>
 					<p class="issue">
+						<strong>For discussion, see <a href="">mouse event test page</a>.</strong><br/>
 						See bug <a href="">22641</a> - "Normatively specify the order in which mouse events should fire"