Break key values table into separate tables based on category.
authorGary Kacmarcik <>
Tue, 09 Jul 2013 17:08:15 -0700
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Break key values table into separate tables based on category.
--- a/html/DOM3-Events.html	Tue Jul 09 17:00:31 2013 -0700
+++ b/html/DOM3-Events.html	Tue Jul 09 17:08:15 2013 -0700
@@ -6382,8 +6382,8 @@
 						of values for use in the <a href="#events-KeyboardEvent-char"><code>KeyboardEvent.char</code></a> and <a href="#events-KeyboardEvent-key"><code>KeyboardEvent.key</code></a>
 						attributes, though not all values MAY be available on all platforms or devices.</p>
-					<div id="keytable" class="key-table">
-						<!-- All keys must be defined in the keytable div -->
+					<!-- Key tables. Note that all keys must be defined within a <div class="key-table"> -->
+					<div id="keys-general" class="key-table">
 						<key name="Attn" cat="General">The Attention (Attn) key.</key>
 						<key name="Apps" cat="General">Toggle display of available (interactive) application list.</key>
 						<key name="CrSel" cat="General">The Cursor Select (Crsel) key.</key>
@@ -6421,6 +6421,8 @@
 						<key name="Soft2" cat="General">General purpose virtual function key, as index 2.</key>
 						<key name="Soft3" cat="General">General purpose virtual function key, as index 3.</key>
 						<key name="Soft4" cat="General">General purpose virtual function key, as index 4.</key>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-ui" class="key-table">
 						<key name="Accept" cat="UI">The Accept (Commit, OK) key. Accept current option or input method sequence conversion.</key>
 						<key name="Again" cat="UI">The Again key, to redo or repeat an action.</key>
 						<key name="Enter" cat="UI">The Enter key, to activate current selection or accept current input.
@@ -6438,6 +6440,8 @@
 						<key name="Esc" cat="UI" char="001B">The Escape (Esc) key, to initiate an escape sequence.</key>
 						<key name="Exit" cat="UI">Exit current state or current application (as appropriate).</key>
 						<key name="Zoom" cat="UI">Toggle between full-screen and scaled content, or alter magnification level.</key>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-character" class="key-table">
 						<key name="Separator" cat="Character">The Separator key, for context-sensitive text separators.</key>
 						<key name="Spacebar" cat="Character" char="0020">The Space (Spacebar) key (<code class="glyph">'&nbsp;'</code>).</key>
 						<key name="Add" cat="Character / Math" char="002B">The Add key, or plus sign (<code class="glyph">'+'</code>).
@@ -6468,6 +6472,8 @@
 							<p class="note"><strong>Note:</strong> This key value can be represented by different characters due to localization, such as <code class="char">'\u002E'</code>
 								(FULL STOP, <code class="glyph">'.'</code>) or <code class="char">'\u00B7'</code> (MIDDLE DOT, <code class="glyph">'ยท'</code>).</p>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-device" class="key-table">
 						<key name="BrightnessDown" cat="Device">The Brightness Down key. Typically controls the display brightness.</key>
 						<key name="BrightnessUp" cat="Device">The Brightness Up key. Typically controls the display brightness.</key>
 						<key name="Camera" cat="Device">The Camera key.</key>
@@ -6476,6 +6482,8 @@
 							<p class="note"><strong>Note:</strong> Some devices might not expose this key to the operating environment.</p>
 						<key name="PrintScreen" cat="Device">The Print Screen (PrintScrn, SnapShot) key, to initiate print-screen function.</key>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-browser" class="key-table">
 						<key name="BrowserFavorites" cat="Browser">The Browser Favorites key.</key>
 						<key name="BrowserHome" cat="Browser">The Browser Home key, used with keyboard entry, to go to the home page.</key>
 						<key name="BrowserRefresh" cat="Browser">The Browser Refresh key.</key>
@@ -6483,6 +6491,8 @@
 						<key name="BrowserStop" cat="Browser">The Browser Stop key.</key>
 						<key name="BrowserBack" cat="Browser">Navigate to previous content or page in current history.</key>
 						<key name="BrowserForward" cat="Browser">Navigate to next content or page in current history.</key>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-navigation" class="key-table">
 						<key name="Left" cat="Navigation">The left arrow key, to navigate or traverse leftward.</key>
 						<key name="PageDown" cat="Navigation">The Page Down key, to scroll down or display next page of content.</key>
 						<key name="PageUp" cat="Navigation">The Page Up key, to scroll up or display previous page of content.</key>
@@ -6497,6 +6507,8 @@
 						<key name="End" cat="Edit / Navigation">The End key, used with keyboard entry to go to the end of content.</key>
 						<key name="Select" cat="Edit / Navigation">The Select key.</key>
 						<key name="Tab" cat="Edit / Navigation"char="0009">The Horizontal Tabulation (Tab) key.</key>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-edit" class="key-table">
 						<key name="Backspace" cat="Edit" char="0008">The Backspace key.</key>
 						<key name="Clear" cat="Edit">The Clear key, for removing current selected input.</key>
 						<key name="Copy" cat="Edit">The Copy key.</key>
@@ -6509,6 +6521,8 @@
 						<key name="Insert" cat="Edit">The Insert (Ins) key, to toggle between text modes for insertion or overtyping.</key>
 						<key name="Paste" cat="Edit">The Paste key.</key>
 						<key name="Undo" cat="Edit">The Undo key.</key>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-composition" class="key-table">
 						<key name="DeadGrave" cat="Composition" char="0300">The Combining Grave Accent (Greek Varia, Dead Grave) key.</key>
 						<key name="DeadAcute" cat="Composition" char="0301">The Combining Acute Accent (Stress Mark, Greek Oxia, Tonos, Dead Eacute) key.</key>
 						<key name="DeadCircumflex" cat="Composition" char="0302">The Combining Circumflex Accent (Hat, Dead Circumflex) key.</key>
@@ -6525,6 +6539,8 @@
 						<key name="DeadIota" cat="Composition" char="0345">The Combining Greek Ypogegrammeni (Greek Non-Spacing Iota Below, Iota Subscript, Dead Iota) key.</key>
 						<key name="DeadVoicedSound" cat="Composition" char="3099">The Combining Katakana-Hiragana Voiced Sound Mark (Dead Voiced Sound) key.</key>
 						<key name="DeadSemivoicedSound" cat="Composition" char="309A">The Combining Katakana-Hiragana Semi-Voiced Sound Mark (Dead Semivoiced Sound) key.</key>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-modifier" class="key-table">
 						<key name="Alphanumeric" cat="Modifier">The Alphanumeric key.</key>
 						<key name="Alt" cat="Modifier">The Alternative (Alt, Option, Menu) key.  Enable alternate modifier function for interpreting concurrent or subsequent keyboard input.
 							<p class="note"><strong>Note:</strong> This key value is also used for the Apple <code>'Option'</code> key.</p>
@@ -6545,6 +6561,8 @@
 						<key name="Compose" cat="Modifier">The Compose key, also known as <em>Multi_key</em> on the X Window System.  This key acts in a manner similar to a <a class="def" href="#glossary-dead-key">dead
 							key</a>, triggering a mode where subsequent key presses are combined to produce a different character.
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-ime" class="key-table">
 						<key name="AllCandidates" cat="IME">The All Candidates key, to initate the multi-candidate mode.</key>
 						<key name="NextCandidate" cat="IME">The Next Candidate function key.</key>
 						<key name="PreviousCandidate" cat="IME">The Previous Candidate function key.</key>
@@ -6563,6 +6581,8 @@
 						<key name="KanaMode" cat="IME">The Kana Mode (Kana Lock) key.</key>
 						<key name="KanjiMode" cat="IME">The Kanji (Japanese name for ideographic characters of Chinese origin) Mode key.</key>
 						<key name="Katakana" cat="IME">The Katakana (Japanese Kana characters) key.</key>
+					</div>
+					<div id="keys-media" class="key-table">
 						<key name="AudioFaderFront" cat="Media">Adjust audio fader towards front.</key>
 						<key name="AudioFaderRear" cat="Media">Adjust audio fader towards rear.</key>
 						<key name="AudioBalanceLeft" cat="Media">Adjust audio balance leftward.</key>
--- a/html/key-table-builder.js	Tue Jul 09 17:00:31 2013 -0700
+++ b/html/key-table-builder.js	Tue Jul 09 17:08:15 2013 -0700
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@
 function create_key_table(tablediv) {
 	var table = document.createElement('table');
 	table.setAttribute('class', 'data-table');
+	table.setAttribute('width', '100%');
 	var row = table.insertRow(-1);
 	var cell;