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Fix more broken fragments.
--- a/html/DOM3-Events.html	Wed Sep 24 12:19:25 2014 -0700
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@@ -5745,7 +5745,6 @@
 					<a href="#keys-keyvalues"><code>key</code></a> values and
 					<a href="#keys-codevalues"><code>code</code></a> values,
 				but briefly describes
-					<a href="#keyboard-layout">keyboard layout</a> and
 					<a href="#key-legends">key legends</a>
 				for background.
@@ -5814,8 +5813,8 @@
 			<section id="code-motivation">
 				<h1>Motivation for Adding the <code>code</code> Attribute</h1>
-				<p>As discussed in more detail later in this document, the standard PC keyboard has a set of keys (which
-					we refer to as <em><a href="#key-alphanumeric-writing-system">writing system keys</a></em>)
+				<p>The standard PC keyboard has a set of keys (which
+					we refer to as <em>writing system keys</em>)
 					that generate different <code>key</code> values 
 					based on the current keyboard layout selected by the user.
 					This situation makes it difficult to write code that detects keys based on their physical