Fix 23166 - MediaPause key
authorGary Kacmarcik <>
Thu, 05 Sep 2013 09:04:48 -0700
changeset 485 0f0a49b88b28
parent 484 7e946390d62d
child 486 ed152fce9079
Fix 23166 - MediaPause key
--- a/html/DOM3-Events.html	Tue Aug 27 14:54:47 2013 -0700
+++ b/html/DOM3-Events.html	Thu Sep 05 09:04:48 2013 -0700
@@ -6967,6 +6967,9 @@
 					<key name="MediaFastForward">Initiate or continue forward playback at faster than normal speed, or increase speed if already fast forwarding. (VK_FAST_FWD)</key>
 					<key name="MediaLast">Select previously selected channel or media. (VK_LAST)</key>
+					<key name="MediaPause">Pause the currently playing media. (VK_PAUSE)
+						<p class="note"><strong>Note:</strong> Media controller devices should use this value rather than <code>'Pause'</code> for their pause keys.</p>
+						</key>
 					<key name="MediaPlay">Initiate or continue media playback at normal speed, if not currently playing at normal speed. (VK_PLAY)</key>
 					<key name="MediaPlayPause">Toggle media between play and pause states. (VK_PLAY_PAUSE)</key>
 					<key name="MediaRecord">Initiate or resume recording of currently selected media. (VK_RECORD)</key>
@@ -7012,7 +7015,6 @@
 					<key name="End">The End key, used with keyboard entry to go to the end of content. (VK_GO_TO_END)</key>
 					<key name="Enter">The Enter key, to activate current selection or accept current input. (VK_SELECT)</key>
 					<key name="Home">The Home key, used with keyboard entry, to go to start of content. (VK_GO_TO_START)</key>
-					<key name="Pause">Pause the current state or application (as appropriate). (VK_PAUSE)</key>
 					<key name="Power">Toggle power state. (VK_POWER)</key>
 					<key name="Unidentified">This key value is used when an implementations is unable to identify another key value, due to either hardware, platform, or software constraints. (VK_UNDEFINED)</key>
 					<key name="VolumeDown">Decrease audio volume. (VK_VOLUME_DOWN)</key>