note on WebIDL dependency
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note on WebIDL dependency
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         each feature. No features are marked as 'at-risk'.
+      <p>This API uses EcmaScript promises, and as a result, relies on the second edition of WebIDL which has not yet started its path on the W3C Recommendation track. That dependency will need to be analysed before the document can make further progress.</p>
           This document was published by the <a href="">Device APIs Working Group</a> as a Candidate Recommendation.
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         Implementations that use ECMAScript to implement the APIs defined in
         this specification must implement them in a manner consistent with the
-        ECMAScript Bindings defined in the Web IDL specification [<cite><a class="bibref" href="#bib-WEBIDL">WEBIDL</a></cite>],
+        ECMAScript Bindings defined in the Web IDL specification [<cite><a class="bibref" href="#bib-WEBIDL">WEBIDL2</a></cite>],
         as this specification uses that specification and terminology.
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 <section id="references" class="appendix" typeof="bibo:Chapter" resource="#references" rel="bibo:Chapter"><!--OddPage--><h2 role="heading" id="h2_references"><span class="secno">B. </span>References</h2><section id="normative-references" typeof="bibo:Chapter" resource="#normative-references" rel="bibo:Chapter"><h3 role="heading" id="h3_normative-references"><span class="secno">B.1 </span>Normative references</h3><dl class="bibliography" about=""><dt id="bib-ECMASCRIPT">[ECMASCRIPT]</dt><dd rel="dcterms:requires">Allen Wirfs-Brock. <a href=""><cite>ECMA-262 ECMAScript Language Specification, Edition 6</cite></a>. Draft. URL: <a href=""></a>
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-</dd><dt id="bib-WEBIDL">[WEBIDL]</dt><dd rel="dcterms:requires">Cameron McCormack. <a href=""><cite>Web IDL</cite></a>. 19 April 2012. W3C Candidate Recommendation. URL: <a href=""></a>
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+</dd><dt id="bib-WEBIDL">[WEBIDL2]</dt><dd rel="dcterms:requires">Cameron McCormack. <a href=""><cite>Web IDL (Second Edition)</cite></a>. 13 November 2014. Editor’s Draft. URL: <a href=""></a>