Remove location JOYSTICK and MOBILE
authorGary Kacmarcik <>
Fri, 13 Sep 2013 10:25:12 -0700
changeset 55 a4cb133bdf06
parent 54 07a97a80e9d4
child 56 a5fb9e3671e2
Remove location JOYSTICK and MOBILE

Change 'Esc' -> 'Escape'
Remove max |code| length definition.
--- a/source_respec.htm	Fri Aug 16 12:25:15 2013 -0700
+++ b/source_respec.htm	Fri Sep 13 10:25:12 2013 -0700
@@ -361,8 +361,6 @@
                         <li><code>KeyboardEvent.DOM_KEY_LOCATION_LEFT</code> (numerical value 1)</li>
                         <li><code>KeyboardEvent.DOM_KEY_LOCATION_RIGHT</code> (numerical value 2)</li>
                         <li><code>KeyboardEvent.DOM_KEY_LOCATION_NUMPAD</code> (numerical value 3)</li>
-                        <li><code>KeyboardEvent.DOM_KEY_LOCATION_MOBILE</code> (numerical value 4)</li>
-                        <li><code>KeyboardEvent.DOM_KEY_LOCATION_JOYSTICK</code> (numerical value 5)</li>
                 <dt>boolean ctrlKey = false</dt>
@@ -445,6 +443,7 @@
                        key will always return the same value.
                     <p>The un-initialized value of this attribute must be "" (the empty string).</p>
+                    <p class="note">The <code>code</code> value for a single key will never exceed 23 bytes.</p>
                 <dt>static DOMString queryKeyCap()</dt>
@@ -1188,7 +1187,7 @@
                 <section id="key-function-section">
                     <h1>Function Section</h1>
                     <p>The Function section runs along the top of the keyboard and contains the function keys and
-                       a few additional special keys (for example, <code class="key-code">'Esc'</code> and
+                       a few additional special keys (for example, <code class="key-code">'Escape'</code> and
                        <code class="key-code">'PrintScreen'</code>).
                     <p>On some keyboards (especially those found on laptops or other portable computers), the function keys
@@ -1203,7 +1202,7 @@
                         <caption>List of code values for keys in the Function section.</caption>
                         <thead><tr><th>Code Value</th><th>USB Usage ID<br/>Page 0x07<br/>(Informative)</th><th>Notes (Informative)</th></tr></thead>
-                            <tr><td><code id="code-Esc" class="key-code">'Esc'</code></td>
+                            <tr><td><code id="code-Escape" class="key-code">'Escape'</code></td>
                             <tr><td><code id="code-F1" class="key-code">'F1'</code></td>