Bug 17356: (AudioListenerOrientation): AudioListener.setOrientation vectors
Wed, 14 Nov 2012 13:16:57 -0800
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Bug 17356: (AudioListenerOrientation): AudioListener.setOrientation vectors
--- a/webaudio/specification.html	Wed Nov 14 12:56:06 2012 -0800
+++ b/webaudio/specification.html	Wed Nov 14 13:16:57 2012 -0800
@@ -2604,7 +2604,13 @@
   <dt id="dfn-setOrientation_2">The <code>setOrientation</code> method</dt>
     <dd><p>Describes which direction the listener is pointing in the 3D
       cartesian coordinate space. Both a <b>front</b> vector and an <b>up</b>
-      vector are provided.</p>
+      vector are provided.  In simple human terms, the <b>front</b> vector represents which
+      direction the person's nose is pointing.  The <b>up</b> vector represents the
+      direction the top of a person's head is pointing.  These values are expected to
+      be linearly independent (at right angles to each other).  For normative requirements
+      of how these values are to be interpreted, see the
+      <a href="#Spatialization-section">spatialization section</a>.
+      </p>
       <p>The <dfn id="dfn-x_setOrientation">x, y, z</dfn> parameters represent
       a <b>front</b> direction vector in 3D space, with the default value being (0,0,-1) </p>
       <p>The <dfn id="dfn-x_setOrientation_2">xUp, yUp, zUp</dfn> parameters