clarify notion of agent in 2.2.5
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clarify notion of agent in 2.2.5
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 If a statement associating the claimed WebID URI to the public key is found the Verification
 Agent has successfully authenticated the Identification Agent.</li>
-<li>If the Verification Agent dind't successully athenticate the agent
-querying trusted triple stores. The Verification Agent 
+<li>If the Verification Agent didn't successully authenticate the Identification Agent by
+querying trusted triple stores, the Verification Agent 
 <em class="rfc2119" title="must">must</em> attempt to
 dereference the WebID URI to a <a class="tref internalDFN" title="WebID_Profile" 
 href="#dfn-webid_profile">WebID Profile</a> document. HTTP Content