Added README file to explain the project in a bit more depth.
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Added README file to explain the project in a bit more depth.
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+WebID 1.0
+Web Identification and Discovery
+Privacy and Identification on the Web have been at the center of how we 
+interact with sites on the Web. The explosion of Websites over the last 
+decade and a half has created a point of pain for anyone that uses the Web on 
+a regular basis. Remembering login details, passwords, and sharing private 
+information across the many websites that people use on a daily basis has 
+become more difficult and complicated than necessary. This specification 
+outlines a simple universal identification mechanism that is distributed, 
+openly extensible, improves privacy, security and control over how one can 
+identify themselves on the Web.
+You can read, branch and modify the source code for this specification via
+To contribute to the specification:
+1. You MUST modify the source code via github. Don't e-mail patches to the
+   editor.
+2. You MUST agree to transferring the specification text to a governing
+   specification body such as the IETF or W3C when the time comes to 
+   transition the documents to an official specification. 
+3. You MUST NOT add in any text that you know to be in violation of a trade 
+   secret, patent or other form of intellectual property.
+4. Understand that this will be a patent and royalty-free specification and
+   no payment will be made to any of the editors, authors or contributors. That
+   said, millions of people will be thankful for your contribution in ensuring
+   that the web continutes to be accessible in a patent and royalty-free way.