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making rdfa an rdf/xml a must.
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 <p>The <tref>WebID Profile</tref> document MUST expose the relation between the <tref>WebID URI</tref> and the <tref>Identification Agent</tref>'s <tref>public key</tref>s using the <code>cert</code> ontologies, as well as the standard <code>xsd</code> datatypes.
 The set of relations to be published at the <tref>WebID Profile</tref> document can be presented in a graphical notation as follows.</p>
-<img alt="Web ID graph" src="img/WebIdGraph.jpg"/>
+<img alt="Web ID graph" width="90%" src="img/WebIdGraph.jpg"/>
 <p>The document can publish many more relations than are of interest to the WebID protocol, as shown in the above graph by the grayed out relations. 
 For example Bob can publish a depiction or logo, so that sites he authenticates to can personalise the user experience. He can post links to people he knows, where those are have WebIDs published on other sites, in order to create a distributed Social Web. 
 He can also publish relations to protected documents, where he keeps more information for people who authenticate, such as his friend Alois or his friends friends who may not yet know him personally, such as Alice.</p>
-<p>The encoding of this graph is theortically immaterial to the protocol, so long as a well
-known mapping from the format of the representation to such a graph can be found automatically.  
-In order to improve interoperability at this time it is suggested that WebID provider publish the graph of relations at least in one of RDFa [[!XHTML-RDFA]] or RDF/XML [[!RDF-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR]],  though he may publish it in a number of formats to increase the usability of his site to different agents using content negotiations [[!SWBP-VOCAB-PUB]].</p>
+The protocol does not depend on any particular serialisation of the graph, provided that agents are able to parse that serialisation and obtain the graph automatically.  
+Technologies such as GRDDL [[!GRDDL-PRIMER]] for example permit any XML format to be transformed automatically to a graph of relations.
+Yet for reasons of interoperabity is has been decided that the document MUST be published at least in one of RDFa [XHTML-RDFA] or RDF/XML [RDF-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR]. 
+HTTP Content Negotiation [SWBP-VOCAB-PUB] can be employed to aid in publication and discovery of multiple distinct serialisations of the same graph at the same URL. </p>
+Irrespective of whether content negotiation can or not be employed, if an HTML representation of the WebID profile is published, it is suggested that the provider uses the HTML <code>&lt;link&gt;</code> element to allow discovery of the various alternate representations of the graph which may be available:
+<pre class="example">
+&lt;link rel="alternate" type="application/rdf+xml" href="profile.rdf"/&gt;
+&lt;link rel="alternate" type="text/turtle" href="profile.ttl"/&gt;
+&lt;/head&gt; ...
 <p>It is particularly useful to have one of the representations be in HTML or
 XHTML even if it is not marked up in RDFa as this allows people using a
 web browser to understand what the information at that URI represents.</p>
@@ -696,8 +710,8 @@
         &lt;cert:modulus rdf:datatype=&quot;xsd:hexBinary&quot;&gt;
-        &lt;cert:exponent rdf:datatype=&quot;xsd:int&quot;&gt;65537&lt;/rsa:public_exponent&gt;
-      &lt;/rsa:RSAPublicKey&gt;
+        &lt;cert:exponent rdf:datatype=&quot;xsd:int&quot;&gt;65537&lt;/cert:exponent&gt;
+      &lt;/cert:RSAPublicKey&gt;
@@ -870,18 +884,6 @@
 by <tref>Verification Agent</tref>s and other entities that consume a
 <tref>WebID Profile</tref>.</p>
-<p>The following vocabularies are used in their shortened form in the
-subsequent sections:</p>
-  <dt>foaf</dt>
-  <dd></dd>
-  <dt>cert</dt>
-  <dd></dd>
-  <dt>rsa</dt>
-  <dd></dd>
 <section class='normative'>
 <h2>Personal Information</h2>
@@ -911,9 +913,9 @@
 <tref>WebID Profile</tref> documents:</p>
-  <dt>rsa:RSAPublicKey</dt>
+  <dt>cert:RSAPublicKey</dt>
   <dd>Expresses an RSA public key. The RSAPublicKey MUST specify the
-  rsa:modulus and rsa:public_exponent properties.</dd>
+  cert:modulus and cert:exponent properties.</dd>
   <dd>Used to associate a WebID URI with an RSAPublicKey. A WebID Profile
   MUST contain at least one RSAPublicKey that is associated with the