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Tue, 27 May 2014 15:21:40 -0400
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Status for 29 May 2014 publication
--- a/src/indie-ui-events.html	Tue May 27 09:53:54 2014 -0400
+++ b/src/indie-ui-events.html	Tue May 27 15:21:40 2014 -0400
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 		<script class="remove">
       var respecConfig = {
           // specification status (e.g. WD, LCWD, NOTE, etc.). If in doubt use ED.
-          specStatus:           "ED",
+          specStatus:           "WD",
           // the specification's short name, as in
           shortName:            "indie-ui-events",
@@ -27,16 +27,16 @@
           subtitle   :  "Events for User Interface Independence",
           // if you wish the publication date to be other than today, set this
-          //publishDate:  "2013-01-22",
+          publishDate:  "2014-05-29",
           // if the specification's copyright date is a range of years, specify
           // the start date here:
-          // copyrightStart: "2013",
+          copyrightStart: "2013",
           // if there is a previously published draft, uncomment this and set its YYYY-MM-DD date
           // and its maturity status
-          // previousPublishDate:  "2013-01-22",
-          // previousMaturity:  "WD",
+          previousPublishDate:  "2013-07-30",
+          previousMaturity:  "WD",
           // if there a publicly available Editor's Draft, this is the link
           edDraftURI:           "",
@@ -96,7 +96,15 @@
 		<section id="sotd">
-			<p>@@</p>
+			<p>This is a <a href="">Working Draft</a> by the <a href="">IndieUI Working Group</a> (IndieUI WG) of the <a href="">Web Accessibility Initiative</a>. It contains incremental updates from the previous draft, which are summarized in <a href="#changelog">Appendix B: Substantive, normative changes since the last public working draft</a>. The <a href="">IndieUI: Events tracker</a> lists open issues and actions, and links to closed issues and actions, which are the basis for most of the previous and upcoming updates; newer issues are tracked in <a href=";product=IndieUI&amp;version=1.0">W3C Bugzilla for IndieUI: Events</a>. The Working Group has published <a href="">use cases and requirements</a> that are expected to be met by this specification; feedback on these is encouraged as well. Also see the <a href="">IndieUI Overview</a>. A <a href="">history of changes to IndieUI: Events 1.0</a> is available.</p>
+			<p>Feedback on this draft specification is essential to success of the technology. The IndieUI WG asks in particular:</p>
+			<ul>
+				<li>Does the spec meet its requirements?</li>
+				<li>Does the spec meet both accessibility and mainstream use cases successfully without compromising one for the other?</li>
+				<li>Is this approach useful and necessary compared to existing techniques? </li>
+				<li>Is this approach easy to implement? If not, why not?</li>
+			</ul>
+			<p>To comment on this document, send email to <a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=Comment%20on%20IndieUI:%20Events%2030%20August%202013">[email protected]</a> (<a href="">comment archive</a>) or <a href=";component=IndieUI:%20Events&amp;version=1.0">file an issue in W3C Bugzilla</a>. Comments are requested by <strong>27 June 2014</strong>. In-progress updates to the document may be viewed in the <a href="">publicly visible editors' draft</a>.</p>
 		<!-- :::::::::::::::::::: INTRO :::::::::::::::::::: -->