m. forgot to update changelog for UIScrollRequestEvent.
authorJames Craig <jcraig@apple.com>
Thu, 11 Jul 2013 10:43:40 -0700
changeset 127 e1d36dc3cfba
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m. forgot to update changelog for UIScrollRequestEvent.
--- a/src/indie-ui-events.html	Thu Jul 11 00:29:22 2013 -0700
+++ b/src/indie-ui-events.html	Thu Jul 11 10:43:40 2013 -0700
@@ -833,7 +833,7 @@
 			<h2>Events List (alphabetical)</h2>
 			<div data-transform="listEvents"><!-- dynamically generates event list --></div>
-		<section id="changelist" class="appendix">
+		<section id="changelog" class="appendix">
 			<h2>Normative changes since the last public working draft</h2>
 				<li>30 Apr 2013: The reflected attribute uiActions/@ui-actions is now uiactions/@uiactions.</li>
@@ -844,6 +844,7 @@
 				<li>09 Jul 2013: The uiactions IDL attribute is now a DOMTokenList rather than a DOMString.</li>
 				<li>10 Jul 2013: Added section defining strings for DOMImplementation.hasFeature().</li>
 				<li>10 Jul 2013: Added steps to determine the event receiver.</li>
+				<li>11 Jul 2013: Promoted scrollrequest to its own Event interface UIScrollRequestEvent, so that it could accept either finite x/y deltas, or named semantic scroll events like PageDown, Home, etc.</li>
 		<section id="terms" class="appendix" data-include="./include/terms.html"></section>