Use ", and ..." for the last thing in a list (acknowledgements)
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Use ", and ..." for the last thing in a list (acknowledgements)
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       <h2>14 <a id="acks">Acknowledgments</a></h2>
       <p>The following individuals have contributed to this draft for a revised
         Process: Art Barstow (Nokia), Mark Crawford (SAP), Cullen Jennings
-        (Cisco), Eduardo Gutentag (unaffiiliated), David Singer (Apple), Josh
-        Soref (RIM)</p>
+        (Cisco), Eduardo Gutentag (unaffiiliated), David Singer (Apple), and
+        Josh Soref (RIM).</p>
       <p>The following individuals contributed to the development of earlier
         versions of the Process: Jean-François Abramatic (IBM, and previously
         ILOG and W3C), Dan Appelquist (Telefonica), Art Barstow (Nokia), Ann
@@ -3453,7 +3453,7 @@
         Thomas Reardon (Microsoft), Claus von Riegen (SAP AG), David Singer
         (Apple), David Singer (IBM), Ralph Swick (W3C), Anne van Kesteren,
         Jean-Charles Verdié (MStar), Chris Wilson (Google), Lauren Wood
-        (unaffiliated), Steve Zilles (Adobe Systems).</p>
+        (unaffiliated), and Steve Zilles (Adobe Systems).</p>
       <h2 id="changes">15 Changes</h2>
       <p>This document is based on 1 August 2014 Process. <a href="">Detailed
           change logs</a> are available.</p>