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     <div class="head"><a href=""><img alt="W3C" src="" height="48" width="72"></a>
-      <h1>W3C Draft Process Document</h1>
-      <h2 class="notoc">23 April 2015 Editor's Draft</h2>
+      <h1>Proposed World Wide Web Consortium Process Document</h1>
+      <h2 class="notoc">Proposed Process 28 April 2015</h2>
+        <dt>This version - permanent URI:</dt>
+        <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
         <dt>Latest Editor's version:</dt>
-        <dd> <a href=""></a></dd>
+        <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
         <dt>Latest operative version:</dt>
-        <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
+        <dd><a href=""></a> (<a href="diff-20140801">diffs</a>)</dd>
+        <dt>Previous version:</dt>
+	<dd><a href=""
+	       >3 March 2015</a></dd>
         <dd>Charles McCathie Nevile, <a style="color:black" href=""><span style="color: red;">Y</span>andex</a>—<a style="color:black"
             href=""><span style="color: red;">Я</span>ндекс</a></dd>
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     <h2 class="notoc" id="status">Status of this Document</h2>
     <p>W3C, including all existing chartered groups, follows the <a href="">most recent operative
         Process Document</a> announced to the Membership.</p>
-    <p>This document is developed by the Advisory Board's Process Task Force (which anyone may join) working within the <a href="">Revising
-        W3C Process Community Group</a>. This is the 23 April 2015 Editor's draft for the proposed next version of the W3C Process Document.
-      This document is based on the 3 March review draft which was proposed to the Advisory Committee as a "last call" for an update to the
-      1 August 2014 Process.</p>
-    <p>This draft is expected to be proposed to the Advisory Committee for a formal AC review on whether to adopt this as the new operative
-      Process document. Further revision to the Process is expected as needed.</p>
+    <p>This draft of the W3C Process Document is presented for
+    Advisory Committee Review and adoption by the W3C. This document
+    has been produced following the W3C Advisory Committee Last Call
+    review of the proposed update to the W3C Process.</p>
+    <p>W3C Advisory Committee Members are invited to send formal
+    review comments to the W3C Team until 28 May 2015 using the
+    <a href="">Call
+    for Review form</a>. To comment, aside from Advisory Committee
+    comments, send email to
+    <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
+    (<a href="">public
+    archive</a>) or to
+    <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
+    (<a href="">Member-only
+    archive</a>).</p>
+    <p>This document has been produced by the W3C Advisory Board in
+    accordance with Section 12 of the
+    <a href="">current
+    (2014) W3C Process</a>.  Development of this document is done in
+    the Advisory Board's Process Task Force (which anyone may join)
+    working within the
+    <a href="">Revising W3C
+    Process Community Group</a>.</p>
+    <p>This document is based on the 3 March review draft which was proposed to the Advisory Committee as a "last call" for an update to the
+     <a href="">1 August 2014 Process</a>.</p>
     <p>Sections have been renumbered, with the most notable change from the current Operative version being that section numbers 5 and above
       in this draft correspond to section numbers higher by 1 in the August 2014 Process.</p>
     <p>In <em>this draft</em> <a href="">ISSUE-152</a> has been resolved, by
       allowing a Working Group to propose editorial corrections directly as a Proposed Recommendation. A <a href="#changes">change history</a>
-      (compared to the 2014 Process Document) forms part of this draft.</p>
-    <p>Comment is invited on the draft. Please send comments to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> (<a href="">Mailing
-        list archive</a>, publicly available) or to [email protected] (<a href="">Member-only
-        archive</a>). A <a href="">Public Issue Tracker</a> and <a href="">detailed
-        changelogs</a> are available online. </p>
+      (compared to the 2014 Process Document) forms part of this draft. A <a href="">Public Issue Tracker</a> and <a href="">detailed
+        changelogs</a> are available online.</p>
     <h2 class="notoc" id="pp">Relation of Process Document to Patent Policy</h2>
     <p>W3C Members' attention is called to the fact that provisions of the Process Document are binding on Members per the <a href="">Membership
         Agreement</a> [<a href="#ref-member-agreement">PUB6</a>]. The Patent Policy <a href="">W3C
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           likely to organize a <a href="#GAEvents">Workshop</a> to bring people together to discuss topics that interest the W3C community.</li>
         <li>When there is enough interest in a topic (e.g., after a successful Workshop and/or discussion on an <a href="#ACCommunication">Advisory
             Committee mailing list</a>), the Director announces the development of a proposal for one or more new <a href="#WGCharterDevelopment">Interest
-            Group or Working Group charters</a>, depending on the breadth of the topic of interest. W3C Members <a href="#ActivityCreation">review</a>
+            Group or Working Group charters</a>, depending on the breadth of the topic of interest. W3C Members <a href="#CharterReview">review</a>
           the proposed charters. When there is support within W3C for investing resources in the topic of interest, the Director approves
           the group(s) and they begin their work.</li>
         <li>There are three types of Working Group participants: <a href="#member-rep">Member representatives</a>, <a href="#invited-expert-wg">Invited
@@ -413,7 +438,7 @@
         additional email addresses, at the discretion of the Team.</p>
       <h5 id="ACMeetings"> Advisory Committee Meetings</h5>
       <p>The Team organizes a <a href="#ftf-meeting">face-to-face meeting</a> for the Advisory Committee <span class="time-interval">twice
-          a year</span>. The Team appoints the Chair of these meetings (generally the <a href="#def-W3CChair">CEO</a>). At each Advisory
+          a year</span>. The Team appoints the Chair of these meetings (generally the CEO). At each Advisory
         Committee meeting, the Team <em class="rfc2119">should</em> provide an update to the Advisory Committee about:</p>
@@ -450,7 +475,7 @@
       <p>The Director and CEO <em class="rfc2119">may</em> delegate responsibility (generally to other individuals in the Team) for any of
         their roles described in this document.</p>
       <p>The <dfn id="def-Director">Director</dfn> is the lead technical architect at W3C. His responsibilities are identified throughout
-        this document in relevant places Some key ones include: assessing <a href="#def-Consensus" id="DirectorDecision">consensus</a>
+        this document in relevant places. Some key ones include: assessing <a href="#def-Consensus" id="DirectorDecision">consensus</a>
         within W3C for architectural choices, publication of <a href="#Reports">technical reports</a>, and chartering new Groups;
         appointing group <a href="#GeneralChairs">Chairs</a>; "tie-breaker" for <a href="#WGAppeals">appeal of a Working Group decision</a>
         and deciding on the outcome of formal objections; the Director is generally Chair of the <a href="#TAG">TAG</a>.</p>
@@ -485,7 +510,7 @@
         Advisory Board meetings) are available at the <a href="">Advisory Board home page</a> [<a href="#ref-ab-home">PUB30</a>].</p>
       <h4 id="ABParticipation">2.3.1 Advisory Board Participation</h4>
       <p>The Advisory Board consists of nine elected participants and a Chair. The Team appoints the Chair of the <a href="#AB">Advisory
-          Board</a>, who is generally the <a href="#def-W3CChair">CEO</a>.</p>
+          Board</a>, who is generally the CEO.</p>
       <p>The remaining nine Advisory Board participants are elected by the W3C Advisory Committee following the <a href="#AB-TAG-elections">AB/TAG
           nomination and election process</a>.</p>
       <p>With the exception of the Chair, the terms of all Advisory Board participants are for <span class="time-interval">two years</span>.
@@ -504,7 +529,7 @@
         architecture; see also the <a href="#AB">Advisory Board</a>.</p>
       <p>The TAG's scope is limited to technical issues about Web architecture. The TAG <em class="rfc2119">should not</em> consider
         administrative, process, or organizational policy issues of W3C, which are generally addressed by the W3C Advisory Committee,
-        Advisory Board, and Team. Please refer to the <a href="">TAG charter</a> [<a href="#ref-tag-charter">PUB25</a>]
+        Advisory Board, and Team. Please refer to the <a href="">TAG charter</a> [<a href="#ref-tag-charter">PUB25</a>]
         for more information about the background and scope of the TAG, and the expected qualifications of TAG participants.</p>
       <p>The Team <em class="rfc2119">must</em> make available two mailing lists for the TAG:</p>
@@ -519,7 +544,7 @@
         Committee and other group Chairs. The TAG <em class="rfc2119">should</em> also report on its activities at each <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory
           Committee meeting</a>.</p>
       <p>When the TAG votes to resolve an issue, each TAG participant (whether appointed, elected, or the Chair) has one vote; see also the
-        section on <a href="">voting in the TAG charter</a> [<a href="#ref-tag-charter">PUB25</a>]
+        section on <a href="">voting in the TAG charter</a> [<a href="#ref-tag-charter">PUB25</a>]
         and the general section on <a href="#Votes">votes</a> in this Process Document.</p>
       <p>Details about the TAG (e.g., the list of TAG participants, mailing list information, and summaries of TAG meetings) are available
         at the <a href="">TAG home page</a> [<a href="#ref-tag-home">PUB26</a>].</p>
@@ -1079,7 +1104,7 @@
             href="#ACCommunication">Advisory Committee discussion list</a>.</p>
         <p>W3C <em class="rfc2119">may</em> begin work on a Working Group or Interest Group charter at any time.</p>
         <h4>5.2.3 <dfn id="CharterReview">Advisory Committee Review of a Working Group or Interest Group Charter</dfn></h4>
-        <p>The Director <em class="rfc2119">must</em> solicit <a href="#ReviewAppeal">Advisory Committee review</a> of every new or
+        <p>The Director <em class="rfc2119">must</em> solicit <a href="#ACReview">Advisory Committee review</a> of every new or
           substantively modified Working Group or Interest Group charter. The Director is <em class="rfc2119">not required</em> to solicit
           Advisory Committee review prior to a charter extension or for minor changes. The review period <em class="rfc2119">must</em> be
           at least four weeks.</p>
@@ -1293,7 +1318,7 @@
         any way by W3C.</p>
       <h3 id="requirements-and-definitions">6.2 General requirements and definitions</h3>
       <p>Please note that <dfn>publishing</dfn> as used in this document refers to producing a version which is listed as a W3C Technical
-        Report on its <a href="">Technical Reports page</a> [<a href="#rdf-doc-list">PUB11</a>].</p>
+        Report on its <a href="">Technical Reports page</a> [<a href="#ref-doc-list">PUB11</a>].</p>
       <h4 id="general-requirements">6.2.1 General requirements for Technical Reports</h4>
       <p>Every document published as part of the technical report development process <em class="rfc2119 old">must</em> be a public
         document. The <a href="">index of W3C technical reports</a> [<a href="#ref-doc-list">PUB11</a>] is available
@@ -1315,7 +1340,7 @@
         subsequent drafts of the technical report. An editor <em class="rfc2119">must</em> be a participant, as a Member representative,
         Team representative, or Invited Expert in the Group responsible for the document(s) they are editing. </p>
       <p>The Team is <em class="rfc2119">not required</em> to publish a Technical Report that does not conform to the Team's <a href="">Publication
-          Rules</a> [<a href="#rdf-pubrules">PUB31</a>](e.g., for <span id="DocumentName">naming</span>, status information, style, and <span
+          Rules</a> [<a href="#ref-pubrules">PUB31</a>](e.g., for <span id="DocumentName">naming</span>, status information, style, and <span
           id="document-copyright">copyright requirements</span>). These rules are subject to change by the Team from time to time. The Team
         <em class="rfc2119">must</em> inform group Chairs and the Advisory Committee of any changes to these rules.</p>
       <p>The primary language for W3C Technical Reports is English. W3C encourages the translation of its Technical Reports. <a href="">Information
@@ -1355,7 +1380,7 @@
         approving transitions, the Director will consider who has been explicitly offered a reasonable opportunity to review the document,
         who has provided comments, the record of requests to and responses from reviewers, especially <a href="">W3C
           Horizontal Groups</a> and groups identified as dependencies in the charter or identified as <a href="">liaisons</a>
-        [<a href="#rdf-liaison-list">PUB29</a>], and seek evidence of clear communication to the general public about appropriate times and
+        [<a href="#ref-liaison-list">PUB29</a>], and seek evidence of clear communication to the general public about appropriate times and
         which content to review and whether such reviews actually occurred. </p>
       <p>For example, inviting review of new or significantly revised sections published in Working Drafts, and tracking those comments and
         the Working Group's responses, is generally a good practice which would often be considered positive evidence of wide review.
@@ -1410,7 +1435,7 @@
         <dd>Changes that add a new functionality, element, etc.</dd>
       <h3 id="working-draft">6.3 Working Draft</h3>
-      <p>A Public Working Draft is published on the <a href="">W3C's Technical Reports page</a> [<a href="#rdf-doc-list">PUB11</a>]
+      <p>A Public Working Draft is published on the <a href="">W3C's Technical Reports page</a> [<a href="#ref-doc-list">PUB11</a>]
         for review, and for simple historical reference. For all Public Working Drafts a Working Group</p>
         <li> <em class="rfc2119">should</em> document outstanding issues, and parts of the document on which the Working Group does not
@@ -2010,46 +2035,46 @@
         <dd><cite><a href="">The list of current W3C Members</a></cite></dd>
         <dt id="ref-activity-list">[PUB9]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">The list of W3C Activities</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-submission-list">[PUB10]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-submission-list">[PUB10]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">The list of acknowledged Member Submissions</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-doc-list">[PUB11]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-doc-list">[PUB11]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">The W3C technical reports index</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-submission-overview">[PUB13]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-submission-overview">[PUB13]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Submission request overview</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-people">[PUB14]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-people">[PUB14]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">The W3C Team</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-mission">[PUB15]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-mission">[PUB15]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">About the World Wide Web Consortium</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-team-submission-list">[PUB16]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-team-submission-list">[PUB16]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">The list of published Team Submissions</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-invited-expert">[PUB17]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-invited-expert">[PUB17]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Invited expert and collaborators agreement</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-doc-license">[PUB18]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-doc-license">[PUB18]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">W3C Document License</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-software-license">[PUB19]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-software-license">[PUB19]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">W3C Software Notice and License</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-translations">[PUB20]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-translations">[PUB20]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Translations of W3C technical reports</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-pub-mailing-lists">[PUB21]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-pub-mailing-lists">[PUB21]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Public W3C mailing lists</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-coi">[PUB23]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-coi">[PUB23]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Conflict of Interest Policy for W3C Team Members Engaged in Outside
               Professional Activities</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-tag-charter">[PUB25]</dt>
-        <dd><cite><a href="">Technical Architecture Group (TAG) Charter</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-tag-home">[PUB26]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-tag-charter">[PUB25]</dt>
+        <dd><cite><a href="">Technical Architecture Group (TAG) Charter</a></cite></dd>
+        <dt id="ref-tag-home">[PUB26]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">The TAG home page</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-rec-tips">[PUB27]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-rec-tips">[PUB27]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Tips for Getting to Recommendation Faster</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-liaison-list">[PUB28]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-liaison-list">[PUB28]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">W3C liaisons with other organizations</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-ab-home">[PUB30]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-ab-home">[PUB30]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">The Advisory Board home page</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-pubrules">[PUB31]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-pubrules">[PUB31]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Publication Rules</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-fellows">[PUB32]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-fellows">[PUB32]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">W3C Fellows Program</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-patentpolicy">[PUB33]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-patentpolicy">[PUB33]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">5 Feb 2004 version of the W3C Patent Policy</a></cite>. The
           <a href="">latest version of the W3C Patent Policy</a> is available at
@@ -2059,32 +2084,32 @@
       <h3>12.2 <a id="member-refs">Member-only Resources</a></h3>
       <p>The following <a href="#Member-only">Member-only</a> information is available at the <a href="">W3C Web site</a>.</p>
-        <dt id="rdf-current-ac">[MEM1]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-current-ac">[MEM1]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Current Advisory Committee representatives</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-mailing-lists">[MEM2]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-mailing-lists">[MEM2]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Group mailing lists</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-calendar">[MEM3]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-calendar">[MEM3]</dt>
         <dd>The <cite><a href="">calendar of all scheduled official W3C events</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-new-member">[MEM4]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-new-member">[MEM4]</dt>
         <dd>The <cite><a href="">New Member Orientation</a></cite>, which includes an introduction to W3C
           processes from a practical standpoint, including relevant email addresses.</dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-ac-meetings">[MEM5]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-ac-meetings">[MEM5]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Advisory Committee meetings</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-member-web">[MEM6]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-member-web">[MEM6]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Member Web site</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-member-sub">[MEM8]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-member-sub">[MEM8]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">How to send a Submission request</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-guide">[MEM9]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-guide">[MEM9]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">The Art of Consensus</a></cite>, a guidebook for W3C Working Group Chairs and other
-        <dt id="rdf-discipline-gl">[MEM14]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-discipline-gl">[MEM14]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">Guidelines for Disciplinary Action</a></cite></dd>
-        <dt id="rdf-election-howto">[MEM15]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-election-howto">[MEM15]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">How to Organize an Advisory Board or TAG election</a></cite></dd>
       <h3 id="other-refs">12.3 Other References</h3>
-        <dt id="rdf-RFC2119">[RFC2119]</dt>
+        <dt id="ref-RFC2119">[RFC2119]</dt>
         <dd><cite><a href="">"Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels"</a></cite>, S.
           Bradner, March 1997.</dd>
         <dt id="ref-RFC2777">[RFC2777]</dt>