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           Group, Art Barstow, Robin Berjon, Wayne Carr, Marcos Cáceres, Ivan
           Herman, Ian Hickson, Ian Jacobs, Chris Lilley, Ralph Swick, Anne van
           Kesteren, Steve Zilles, and many people I have forgotten to
-          acknowledge for suggestions, comments and discussions the helped me
+          acknowledge for suggestions, comments and discussions that helped me
           sort out my thinking, and to Ora Lassila for the original version of
           the image that illustrates the normal process of a W3C
           Recommendation-track document. </p>
@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@
         in 7.8)</span> be a participant, as a Member representative, Team
       representative, or Invited Expert in the group responsible for the
       document(s) they are editing. </p>
-    <p>The Team is <em class="rfc2119">NOT REQUIRED</em> <span class="from">(was
+    <p>The Team is <em class="rfc2119">not required</em> <span class="from">(was
         in 7.8)</span> to publish a technical report that does not conform to
       the Team's <a href="">Publication Rules</a>
       (e.g., for <a name="DocumentName" id="DocumentName">naming</a>, style,
@@ -602,8 +602,8 @@
       <li><em class="rfc2119">must</em> show that the document has received <a
           href="#wide-review">wide review</a></li>
       <li><em class="rfc2119">must</em> show that all issues raised during the
-        Last Call Candidate Recommendation review period have been formally
-        addressed.</li>
+        Last Call Candidate Recommendation review period have been <a href="">formally
+          addressed</a>.</li>
       <li><em class="rfc2119">must </em>identify any substantive issues raised
         since the close of the review period by parties other than Advisory
         Committee representatives <span class="from">(was in 7.3)</span></li>
@@ -656,7 +656,7 @@
           rel="glossary" title="Definition of Dissent"><span class="dfn-instance">dissent</span></a>
         in Advisory Committee reviews, the Director <span class="new"><em class="rfc2119">must</em>
           publish the substantive content of the dissent to W3C and the general
-          public</span> and <em class="rfc2119">must</em> <a href="">formally
+          public</span>, and <em class="rfc2119">must</em> <a href="">formally
           address</a> the comment <span class="new">at least 14 days before
           publication as a W3C Recommendation</span>. In this case the <a href="">Advisory
           Committee</a> <em class="rfc2119">may</em> <a href="">appeal</a>