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Remove the stubble of the Activities Chapter
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             and without attribution to the original author.</li>
-      <section class="issue" id="chapterActivities">
-        <h2>5 Activities</h2>
-        <p><em>This section is being removed, leaving internal management of
-            work to W3C Team. In <strong>this</strong> draft, unresolved issues
-            dealing with material not covered elsewhere and relevant beyond the
-            structure of "Activities" have been left here, until there is a
-            resolution on what to do about them.</em></p>
-        <p>The progress of each Activity is documented in an Activity Statement.
-          At least before each <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee meeting</a>,
-          the Team <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> revise the Activity
-          Statement for each Activity that has not been closed. <span class="issue">Should
-            we put this requirement on charters? <a href="">ISSUE-115</a><br>
-          </span></p>
-        <h3>5.6 Activity Proposals</h3>
-        <p>An Activity Proposal defines the initial scope and structure of an
-          Activity. The proposal <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> include or
-          reference the following information:</p>
-        <ul>
-        </ul>
-      </section>
       <section id="ChapterGroups">
         <h2>6 <a id="GAGeneral">Working Groups, Interest Groups, and
             Coordination Groups</a></h2>