Remove Good Standing, as per ISSUE-34
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Remove Good Standing, as per ISSUE-34
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             mailing list subscription</a>, an individual is a Team
           representative in an Interest Group when so designated by W3C
-        <h5> <a id="good-standing">Good Standing in a Working Group</a></h5>
-        <p>Participation by an individual in a Working Group on an ongoing basis
-          implies a serious commitment to the charter, including all of the
-          following:</p>
-        <ul>
-          <li>attending most meetings of the Working Group.</li>
-          <li>providing deliverables or drafts of deliverables in a timely
-            fashion.</li>
-          <li>being familiar with the relevant documents of the Working Group,
-            including minutes of past meetings.</li>
-          <li>following discussions on relevant mailing list(s).</li>
-        </ul>
-        <p>At the first Working Group meeting that follows any <a href="#cfp">Call
-            for Participation</a>, all participants are in Good Standing. If a
-          Member or Invited Expert joins the Working Group after the end of that
-          meeting, the Member Representative or Invited Expert does not attain
-          Good Standing until the start of the second consecutive meeting that
-          individual attends.</p>
-        <p>When the Chair and the <a href="#TeamContact">Team Contact</a>
-          agree, the Chair <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> declare that a
-          participant is no longer in Good Standing (henceforth called "Bad
-          Standing"). If there is disagreement between the Chair and the Team
-          Contact about standing, the Director determines the participant's
-          standing. The Chair <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> declare a Team
-          participant to be in Bad Standing, but it is clearly preferable for
-          the Chair, Team participant, and W3C management to resolve issues
-          internally.</p>
-        <p>A participant <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> be declared in Bad
-          Standing in any of the following circumstances:</p>
-        <ul>
-          <li>the individual has missed more than one of the last three <a href="#distributed-meeting">distributed
-              meetings</a>.</li>
-          <li>the individual has missed more than one of the last three <a href="#ftf-meeting">face-to-face
-              meetings</a>.</li>
-          <li>the individual has not provided deliverables in a timely fashion
-            twice in sequence.</li>
-          <li>the individual has not followed the <a href="#coi">conflict of
-              interest policy</a> by disclosing information to the rest of the
-            group.</li>
-        </ul>
-        <p>Although all participants representing an organization <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span>
-          attend all meetings, attendance by one representative of an
-          organization satisfies the meeting attendance requirement for all
-          representatives of the organization.</p>
-        <p>The above criteria <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> be relaxed if
-          the Chair and Team Contact agree that doing so will not set back the
-          Working Group. For example, the attendance requirement can be relaxed
-          for reasons of expense (e.g., cost of travel) or scheduling (for
-          example, an exceptional teleconference is scheduled at 3:00 a.m. local
-          time for the participant). It is the responsibility of the Chair and
-          Team Contact to apply criteria for Good Standing consistently.</p>
-        <p>When a participant risks losing Good Standing, the Chair and Team
-          Contact are expected to discuss the matter with the participant and
-          the participant's Advisory Committee representative (or W3C management
-          for the Team) before declaring the participant in Bad Standing.</p>
-        <p>The Chair declares a participant in Bad Standing by informing the
-          participant's Advisory Committee representative and the participant of
-          the decision. If the Advisory Committee representative and Chair
-          differ in opinion, the Advisory Committee representative <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span>
-          ask the <a href="#def-Director">Director</a> to confirm or deny the
-          decision. <a href="#invited-expert-wg">Invited Experts</a> declared
-          in Bad Standing <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> appeal to the
-          Director.</p>
-        <p>The Chair and Team Contact restore Good Standing and <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span>
-          do so when the individual in Bad Standing satisfies the above
-          criteria. The Chair <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> inform the
-          individual's Advisory Committee representative of any change in
-          standing.</p>
-        <p>When a Member representative permanently replaces another (i.e., is
-          not simply a temporary <a href="#mtg-substitute">substitute</a>), the
-          new participant inherits the standing of the departing participant.</p>
-        <p>Changes in an individual's standing in a Working Group have no effect
-          on the obligations associated with Working Group participation that
-          are described in the <a href="">W3C
-            Patent Policy</a> [<a href="#ref-patentpolicy">PUB33</a>].</p>
-        <p><strong>Note:</strong> In general, the time commitment for
-          participating in an Interest Group is less than that for a Working
-          Group; see the section on <a href="#ig-charter-participation">participation
-            provisions in an Interest Group charter</a>.</p>
         <h4>6.2.2 <a id="WGCharterDevelopment">Working Group and Interest Group
             Charter Development</a></h4>
         <p>W3C creates a charter based on interest from the Members and Team.
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             id="ActivityExtension">i</a><a id="ActivityTermination">t</a><a id="ActivityProposal">ies</a>
           <a id="Activities">f</a>rom the Process (as resolved multiple times
           since 2007)</li>
-        <li>Remove (Good standing in a Working Group)</li>
+        <li>Remove <a id="good-standing">Good Standing in a Working
+            Group</a></li>