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     <div class="head"><a href=""><img alt="W3C" src="" height="48" width="72"></a>
       <h1>W3C Editor's Draft Process Document</h1>
-      <h2 class="notoc">16 December 2016 Editor's Draft</h2>
+      <h2 class="notoc">24 December 2016 Editor's Draft</h2>
         <dt>Latest Editor's version:</dt>
          <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
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       based on the <a href="">1 September 2015 Process Document</a>, which is the
       currently operative W3C Process.</p>
-    <p>This draft is offered for Advisory Board approval to propose to the W3C director as the new operative Process document.
+    <p>This draft has been approved by the Advisory Board to propose to the W3C director as the new operative Process document.
       This follows a formal review by W3C Advisory Committee Representatives. This revision incorporates minor editorial
-      changes to the draft that was reviewed.</p>
+      changes to the draft that was reviewed by the Advisory Committee.</p>
     <p>Further revision is expected to take place in a new version of the Process as required.</p>
     <p>A <a href="#changes">history of substantial changes</a> since the 1 September 2015 Process Document is provided. A log of
       <a href="">all changes in diff format</a> is available, as is an
-      <a href="">"HTML diff-marked" comparison</a>
+      <a href="">"HTML diff-marked" comparison</a>
       to the 1 September document</a>.</p>
     <p>Comment is invited on the draft. Please send comments to