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    12 Architecture Group</title>
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    26 <h1>W3C Process Document</h1>
    27 <h2>2 <a name="Organization" id="Organization">Members, Advisory Committee,
    28 Team, Advisory Board, Technical Architecture Group</a></h2>
    29 <div class="toc">
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    31 <li class="tocline3"><a href="#Members" class="tocxref">2.1 Members</a>
    32 <ul class="toc">
    33 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#MemberBenefits" class="tocxref">2.1.1 Rights of
    34 Members</a></li>
    35 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#MemberRelated" class="tocxref">2.1.2 Related
    36 Members</a></li>
    37 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#AC" class="tocxref">2.1.3 Advisory Committee
    38 (AC)</a></li>
    39 </ul>
    40 </li>
    41 <li class="tocline3"><a href="#Team" class="tocxref">2.2 The W3C Team</a>
    42 <ul class="toc">
    43 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#TeamSubmission" class="tocxref">2.2.1 Team
    44 Submissions</a></li>
    45 </ul>
    46 </li>
    47 <li class="tocline3"><a href="#AB" class="tocxref">2.3 Advisory Board (AB)</a>
    48 <ul class="toc">
    49 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#ABParticipation" class="tocxref">2.3.1 Advisory
    50 Board Participation</a></li>
    51 </ul>
    52 </li>
    53 <li class="tocline3"><a href="#TAG" class="tocxref">2.4 Technical Architecture
    54 Group (TAG)</a>
    55 <ul class="toc">
    56 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#tag-participation" class="tocxref">2.4.1
    57 Technical Architecture Group Participation</a></li>
    58 </ul>
    59 </li>
    60 <li class="tocline3"><a href="#AB-TAG-participation" class="tocxref">2.5
    61 Advisory Board and Technical Architecture Group Participation</a>
    62 <ul class="toc">
    63 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#AB-TAG-constraints" class="tocxref">2.5.1
    64 Advisory Board and Technical Architecture Group Participation
    65 Constraints</a></li>
    66 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#AB-TAG-elections" class="tocxref">2.5.2 Advisory
    67 Board and Technical Architecture Group Elections</a></li>
    68 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#AB-TAG-vacated" class="tocxref">2.5.3 Advisory
    69 Board and Technical Architecture Group Vacated Seats</a></li>
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    76 <p>W3C's mission is to lead the Web to its full potential. W3C <a href=
    77 "#Members">Member</a> organizations provide resources to this end, and the W3C
    78 <a href="#Team">Team</a> provides the technical leadership and organization to
    79 coordinate the effort.</p>
    80 <h3>2.1 <a name="Members" id="Members">Members</a></h3>
    81 <p>W3C Members are primarily represented in W3C processes as follows:</p>
    82 <ol>
    83 <li>The <a href="#AC">Advisory Committee</a> is composed of one representative
    84 from each Member organization (refer to the <a href=
    85 "comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a> list of <a href=
    86 "">current Advisory Committee
    87 representatives</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-current-ac">MEM1</a>]). The
    88 Advisory Committee:
    89 <ul>
    90 <li>reviews plans for W3C at each <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee
    91 meeting</a>;</li>
    92 <li>reviews formal proposals from the W3C Director: <a href=
    93 "activities.html#ActivityProposal">Activity Proposals</a>, <a href=
    94 "tr.html#RecsPR">Proposed Recommendations</a>, and <a href=
    95 "processdoc.html#GAProcess">Proposed Process Documents</a>.</li>
    96 <li>elects the <a href="#AB">Advisory Board</a> participants other than the
    97 Advisory Board Chair.</li>
    98 <li>elects 5 of the 9 participants on the <a href="#TAG">Technical Architecture
    99 Group</a>.</li>
   100 </ul>
   101 Advisory Committee representatives have <a href=
   102 "acreview.html#ACAppeal">appeal</a> powers for some processes described in this
   103 document.</li>
   104 <li>Representatives of Member organizations participate in <a href=
   105 "groups.html#GAGeneral">Working Groups, Interest Groups, and Coordination
   106 Groups</a> and author and review <a href="#Recs">technical reports</a>.</li>
   107 </ol>
   108 <p><a name="MemberSubscription" id="MemberSubscription">W3C membership</a> is
   109 open to all entities, as described in "<a href=
   110 "">How to Join W3C</a>" [<a href=
   111 "refs.html#ref-join-w3c">PUB5</a>]; (refer to the public list of <a href=
   112 "">current W3C Members</a> [<a href=
   113 "refs.html#ref-current-mem">PUB8</a>]). Organizations subscribe according to
   114 the <a href=
   115 "">Membership
   116 Agreement</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-member-agreement">PUB6</a>]. The <a href=
   117 "#Team">Team</a> <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> ensure that Member
   118 participation agreements remain <a href="comm.html#Team-only">Team-only</a> and
   119 that no Member receives preferential treatment within W3C.</p>
   120 <p><a name="IndividualParticipation" id="IndividualParticipation">W3C does not
   121 have a class of membership tailored to, or priced for individuals</a>. However,
   122 an individual <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> join W3C as an Affiliate Member.
   123 In this case the same restrictions pertaining to <a href=
   124 "#MemberRelated">related Members</a> apply when the individual also <a href=
   125 "policies.html#member-rep">represents</a> another W3C Member.</p>
   126 <h4>2.1.1 <a name="MemberBenefits" id="MemberBenefits">Rights of
   127 Members</a></h4>
   128 <p>Each Member organization enjoys the following rights and benefits:</p>
   129 <ul>
   130 <li>A seat on the <a href="#AC">Advisory Committee</a>;</li>
   131 <li>Access to <a href="comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a> information;</li>
   132 <li>The <a href="submission.html#Submission">Member Submission</a>
   133 process;</li>
   134 <li>Use of the W3C Member logo on promotional material and to publicize the
   135 Member's participation in W3C. For more information, please refer to the Member
   136 logo usage policy described in the <a href="">New
   137 Member Orientation</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-new-member">MEM4</a>].</li>
   138 </ul>
   139 <p>Furthermore, representatives of Member organizations participate in W3C as
   140 follows:</p>
   141 <ul>
   142 <li>In <a href="groups.html#GAGeneral">Working Groups, Interest Groups, and
   143 Coordination Groups</a>.</li>
   144 <li>In <a href="events.html#GAEvents">Workshops and Symposia</a>;</li>
   145 <li>On the Team, as <a href="#fellows">W3C Fellows</a>.</li>
   146 </ul>
   147 <p>In the case (described in paragraph 5g of the <a href=
   148 "">Membership
   149 Agreement</a>), where a Member organization is itself a consortium, user
   150 society, or otherwise has members or sponsors, the organization's paid staff
   151 and Advisory Committee representative exercise all the rights and privileges of
   152 W3C membership. In addition, the Advisory Committee representative <span class=
   153 "rfc2119">MAY</span> designate up to four (or more at the Team's discretion)
   154 individuals who, though not employed by the organization, <span class=
   155 "rfc2119">MAY</span> exercise the rights of <a href=
   156 "policies.html#member-rep">Member representatives</a>. These individuals
   157 <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> disclose their employment affiliation when
   158 participating in W3C work. Provisions for <a href="#MemberRelated">related
   159 Members</a> apply. Furthermore, these individuals are expected to represent the
   160 broad interests of the W3C Member organization and not the parochial interests
   161 of their employers.</p>
   162 <p>The rights and benefits of W3C membership are contingent upon conformance to
   163 the processes described in this document. The vast majority of W3C Members
   164 faithfully follow the spirit as well as the letter of these processes. When
   165 serious and/or repeated violations do occur, and repeated attempts to address
   166 these violations have not resolved the situation, the Director <span class=
   167 "rfc2119">MAY</span> take disciplinary action. Arbitration in the case of
   168 further disagreement is governed by paragraph 19 of the Membership Agreement.
   169 Refer to the <a href="">Guidelines for
   170 Disciplinary Action</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-discipline-gl">MEM14</a>].</p>
   171 <h4>2.1.2 <a name="MemberRelated" id="MemberRelated">Related Members</a></h4>
   172 <p>In the interest of ensuring the integrity of the consensus process, Member
   173 involvement in some of the processes in this document is affected by related
   174 Member status. As used herein, two Members are related if:</p>
   175 <ol>
   176 <li>Either Member is a subsidiary of the other, or</li>
   177 <li>Both Members are subsidiaries of a common entity, or</li>
   178 <li>The Members have an employment contract or consulting contract that affects
   179 W3C participation.</li>
   180 </ol>
   181 <p>A <em>subsidiary</em> is an organization of which effective control and/or
   182 majority ownership rests with another, single organization.</p>
   183 <p>Related Members <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> disclose these
   184 relationships according to the mechanisms described in the <a href=
   185 "">New Member Orientation</a> [<a href=
   186 "refs.html#ref-new-member">MEM4</a>].</p>
   187 <h4>2.1.3 <a name="AC" id="AC">Advisory Committee (AC)</a></h4>
   188 <p>When an organization joins W3C (see "<a href=
   189 "">How to Join W3C</a>" [<a href=
   190 "refs.html#ref-join-w3c">PUB5</a>]), it <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> name
   191 its Advisory Committee representative as part of the Membership Agreement. The
   192 <a href="">New Member Orientation</a> explains
   193 how to subscribe or unsubscribe to Advisory Committee mailing lists, provides
   194 information about Advisory Committee meetings, explains how to name a new
   195 Advisory Committee representative, and more. Advisory Committee representatives
   196 <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> follow the <a href=
   197 "policies.html#coi">conflict of interest policy</a> by disclosing information
   198 according to the mechanisms described in the New Member Orientation. See also
   199 the additional roles of Advisory Committee representatives described in the
   200 <a href="">W3C Patent Policy</a>
   201 [<a href="refs.html#ref-patentpolicy">PUB33</a>].</p>
   202 <p>Additional information for Members is available at the <a href=
   203 "">Member Web site</a> [<a href=
   204 "refs.html#ref-member-web">MEM6</a>].</p>
   205 <h5> <a name="ACCommunication" id="ACCommunication">Advisory Committee
   206 Mailing Lists</a></h5>
   207 <p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> provide two mailing lists for use
   208 by the Advisory Committee:</p>
   209 <ol>
   210 <li>One for official announcements (e.g., those required by this document) from
   211 the Team to the Advisory Committee. This list is read-only for Advisory
   212 Committee representatives.</li>
   213 <li>One for discussion among Advisory Committee representatives. Though this
   214 list is primarily for Advisory Committee representatives, the Team <span class=
   215 "rfc2119">MUST</span> monitor discussion and <span class=
   216 "rfc2119">SHOULD</span> participate in discussion when appropriate. Ongoing
   217 detailed discussions <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> be moved to other
   218 appropriate lists (new or existing, such as a mailing list created for a
   219 <a href="events.html#GAEvents">Workshop</a>).</li>
   220 </ol>
   221 <p>An Advisory Committee representative <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span>
   222 request that additional individuals from their organization be subscribed to
   223 these lists. Failure to contain distribution internally <span class=
   224 "rfc2119">MAY</span> result in suspension of additional email addresses, at the
   225 discretion of the Team.</p>
   226 <h5> <a name="ACMeetings" id="ACMeetings">Advisory Committee
   227 Meetings</a></h5>
   228 <p>The Team organizes a <a href="policies.html#ftf-meeting">face-to-face
   229 meeting</a> for the Advisory Committee <span class="time-interval">twice a
   230 year</span>. The Team appoints the Chair of these meetings (generally the
   231 <a href="#def-W3CChair">W3C Chair</a> or <a href="#def-COO">Chief Operating
   232 Officer</a>). At each Advisory Committee meeting, the Team <span class=
   233 "rfc2119">SHOULD</span> provide an update to the Advisory Committee about:</p>
   234 <dl>
   235 <dt><em>Resources</em></dt>
   236 <dd>
   237 <ul>
   238 <li>The number of Full and Affiliate W3C Members.</li>
   239 <li>An overview of the financial status of W3C.</li>
   240 </ul>
   241 </dd>
   242 <dt><em>Allocations</em></dt>
   243 <dd>
   244 <ul>
   245 <li>The allocation of the annual budget, including size of the Team and their
   246 approximate deployment.</li>
   247 <li>A list of all Activities and brief status statement about each, in
   248 particular those started or terminated since the previous Advisory Committee
   249 meeting.</li>
   250 <li>The allocation of resources to pursuing <a href=
   251 "liaisons.html#Liaisons">liaisons</a> with other organizations.</li>
   252 </ul>
   253 </dd>
   254 </dl>
   255 <p>Each Member organization <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> send one
   256 <a href="policies.html#member-rep">representative</a> to each Advisory
   257 Committee meeting. In exceptional circumstances (e.g., during a period of
   258 transition between representatives from an organization), the meeting Chair
   259 <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> allow a Member organization to send two
   260 representatives to a meeting.</p>
   261 <p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> announce the date and location of
   262 each Advisory Committee meeting no later than at the end of the previous
   263 meeting; <span class="time-interval">one year's</span> notice is preferred. The
   264 Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> announce the region of each Advisory
   265 Committee meeting at least <span class="time-interval">one year</span> in
   266 advance.</p>
   267 <p>More information about <a href="">Advisory
   268 Committee meetings</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-ac-meetings">MEM5</a>] is
   269 available at the Member Web site.</p>
   270 <h3>2.2 <a name="Team" id="Team">The W3C Team</a></h3>
   271 <p>The Team consists of the W3C paid staff, unpaid interns, and W3C Fellows.
   272 <a name="fellows" id="fellows">W3C Fellows</a> are Member employees working as
   273 part of the Team; see the <a href=
   274 "">W3C Fellows Program</a>
   275 [<a href="refs.html#ref-fellows">PUB32</a>]. The Team provides technical
   276 leadership about Web technologies, organizes and manages W3C Activities to
   277 reach goals within practical constraints (such as resources available), and
   278 communicates with the Members and the public about the Web and W3C
   279 technologies.</p>
   280 <p>The Team is led by the Director, W3C Chair, and Chief Operating Officer.
   281 These individuals <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> delegate responsibility
   282 (generally to other individuals in the Team) for any of their roles described
   283 in this document.</p>
   284 <p>The <a name="def-Director" id="def-Director">Director</a> is the lead
   285 technical architect at W3C and as such, is responsible for assessing <a name=
   286 "DirectorDecision" href="policies.html#def-Consensus" id=
   287 "DirectorDecision">consensus</a> within W3C for architectural choices,
   288 publication of <a href="tr.html#Reports">technical reports</a>, and new
   289 <a href="activities.html#Activities">Activities</a>. The Director appoints
   290 group <a href="groups.html#GeneralChairs">Chairs</a> and has the role of
   291 "tie-breaker" for questions of <a href="groups.html#good-standing">Good
   292 Standing</a> in a Working Group or <a href="policies.html#WGAppeals">appeal of
   293 a Working Group decision</a>. The Director is generally Chair of the <a href=
   294 "#TAG">TAG</a>.</p>
   295 <p>The <a name="def-W3CChair" id="def-W3CChair">W3C Chair</a> leads Member
   296 relations, and <a href="liaisons.html#Liaisons">liaisons</a> with other
   297 organizations, governments, and the public.</p>
   298 <p>The <a name="def-COO" id="def-COO">Chief Operating Officer</a>
   299 (<acronym>COO</acronym>) leads the operation of W3C as an organization: a
   300 collection of people, <a href="#hosts">Host institutions</a>, and
   301 processes.</p>
   302 <p>Team administrative information such as Team salaries, detailed budgeting,
   303 and other business decisions are <a href="comm.html#Team-only">Team-only</a>,
   304 subject to oversight by the Host institutions.</p>
   305 <p><strong>Note:</strong> W3C is not currently incorporated. For legal
   306 contracts, W3C is represented by three <a name="hosts" id="hosts">"Host"
   307 institutions</a>: the European Research Consortium for Informatics and
   308 Mathematics (<acronym>ERCIM</acronym>), Keio University, and the Massachusetts
   309 Institute of Technology (<acronym>MIT</acronym>). Within W3C, the Host
   310 institutions are governed by joint sponsorship contracts; the Hosts themselves
   311 are not W3C Members.</p>
   312 <h4>2.2.1 <a name="TeamSubmission" id="TeamSubmission">Team
   313 Submissions</a></h4>
   314 <p>Team members <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> request that the Director
   315 publish information at the W3C Web site. At the Director's discretion, these
   316 documents are published as "Team Submissions". These documents are analogous to
   317 <a href="submission.html#Submission">Member Submissions</a> (e.g., in <a href=
   318 "submission.html#SubmissionScope">expected scope</a>). However, there is no
   319 additional Team comment. The <a href="tr.html#DocumentStatus">document status
   320 section</a> of a Team Submission indicates the level of Team consensus about
   321 the published material.</p>
   322 <p>Team Submissions are <strong>not</strong> part of the <a href=
   323 "tr.html#Reports">technical report development process</a>.</p>
   324 <p>The list of <a href="">published Team
   325 Submissions</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-team-submission-list">PUB16</a>] is
   326 available at the W3C Web site.</p>
   327 <h3>2.3 <a name="AB" id="AB">Advisory Board (AB)</a></h3>
   328 <p>Created in March 1998, the Advisory Board provides ongoing guidance to the
   329 Team on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict
   330 resolution. The Advisory Board also serves the Members by tracking issues
   331 raised between Advisory Committee meetings, soliciting Member comments on such
   332 issues, and proposing actions to resolve these issues. The Advisory Board
   333 manages the <a href="processdoc.html#GAProcess">evolution of the Process
   334 Document</a>. The Advisory Board hears appeals of <a href=
   335 "submission.html#SubmissionNo">Member Submission requests</a> that are rejected
   336 for reasons unrelated to Web architecture; see also the <a href=
   337 "#TAG">TAG</a>.</p>
   338 <p>The Advisory Board is <strong>not</strong> a board of directors and has no
   339 decision-making authority within W3C; its role is strictly advisory.</p>
   340 <p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> make available a mailing list for
   341 the Advisory Board to use for its communication, confidential to the Advisory
   342 Board and Team.</p>
   343 <p>The Advisory Board <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> send a summary of
   344 each of its meetings to the Advisory Committee and other group Chairs. The
   345 Advisory Board <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> also report on its
   346 activities at each <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee meeting</a>.</p>
   347 <p>Details about the Advisory Board (e.g., the list of Advisory Board
   348 participants, mailing list information, and summaries of Advisory Board
   349 meetings) are available at the <a href="">Advisory
   350 Board home page</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-ab-home">PUB30</a>].</p>
   351 <h4>2.3.1 <a name="ABParticipation" id="ABParticipation">Advisory Board
   352 Participation</a></h4>
   353 <p>The Advisory Board consists of nine elected participants and a Chair. The
   354 Team appoints the Chair of the <a href="#AB">Advisory Board</a>, who is
   355 generally the <a href="#def-W3CChair">W3C Chair</a>.</p>
   356 <p>The remaining nine Advisory Board participants are elected by the W3C
   357 Advisory Committee following the <a href="#AB-TAG-elections">AB/TAG nomination
   358 and election process</a>.</p>
   359 <p>With the exception of the Chair, the terms of all Advisory Board
   360 participants are for <span class="time-interval">two years</span>. Terms are
   361 staggered so that each year, either four or five terms expire. If an individual
   362 is elected to fill an incomplete term, that individual's term ends at the
   363 normal expiration date of that term. Regular Advisory Board terms begin on 1
   364 July and end on 30 June.</p>
   365 <h3>2.4 <a name="TAG" id="TAG">Technical Architecture Group (TAG)</a></h3>
   366 <p>Created in February 2001, the mission of the TAG is stewardship of the Web
   367 architecture. There are three aspects to this mission:</p>
   368 <ol>
   369 <li>to document and build consensus around principles of Web architecture and
   370 to interpret and clarify these principles when necessary;</li>
   371 <li>to resolve issues involving general Web architecture brought to the
   372 TAG;</li>
   373 <li>to help coordinate cross-technology architecture developments inside and
   374 outside W3C.</li>
   375 </ol>
   376 <p>The TAG hears appeals of <a href="submission.html#SubmissionNo">Member
   377 Submission requests</a> that are rejected for reasons related to Web
   378 architecture; see also the <a href="#AB">Advisory Board</a>.</p>
   379 <p>The TAG's scope is limited to technical issues about Web architecture. The
   380 TAG <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD NOT</span> consider administrative, process,
   381 or organizational policy issues of W3C, which are generally addressed by the
   382 W3C Advisory Committee, Advisory Board, and Team. Please refer to the <a href=
   383 "">TAG charter</a> [<a href=
   384 "refs.html#ref-tag-charter">PUB25</a>] for more information about the
   385 background and scope of the TAG, and the expected qualifications of TAG
   386 participants.</p>
   387 <p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> make available two mailing lists
   388 for the TAG:</p>
   389 <ul>
   390 <li>a public discussion (not just input) list for issues of Web architecture.
   391 The TAG will conduct its public business on this list.</li>
   392 <li>a <a href="comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a> list for discussions
   393 within the TAG and for requests to the TAG that, for whatever reason, cannot be
   394 made on the public list.</li>
   395 </ul>
   396 <p>The TAG <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> also request the creation of
   397 additional topic-specific, public mailing lists. For some TAG discussions
   398 (e.g., an appeal of a <a href="submission.html#SubmissionNo">rejected Member
   399 Submission request</a>), the TAG <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> use a list
   400 that will be <a href="comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a>.</p>
   401 <p>The TAG <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> send a summary of each of its
   402 <a href="policies.html#GeneralMeetings">meetings</a> to the Advisory Committee
   403 and other group Chairs. The TAG <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> also report
   404 on its activities at each <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee
   405 meeting</a>.</p>
   406 <p>When the TAG votes to resolve an issue, each TAG participant (whether
   407 appointed, elected, or the Chair) has one vote; see also the section on
   408 <a href="">voting in the TAG charter</a>
   409 [<a href="refs.html#ref-tag-charter">PUB25</a>] and the general section on
   410 <a href="policies.html#Votes">votes</a> in this Process Document.</p>
   411 <p>Details about the TAG (e.g., the list of TAG participants, mailing list
   412 information, and summaries of TAG meetings) are available at the <a href=
   413 "">TAG home page</a> [<a href=
   414 "refs.html#ref-tag-home">PUB26</a>].</p>
   415 <h4>2.4.1 <a id="tag-participation" name="tag-participation">Technical
   416 Architecture Group Participation</a></h4>
   417 <p>The TAG consists of eight elected or appointed participants and a Chair. The
   418 Team appoints the Chair of the TAG, who is generally the <a href=
   419 "#def-Director">Director</a>.</p>
   420 <p>Three TAG participants are appointed by the Director. Appointees are
   421 <span class="rfc2119">NOT REQUIRED</span> to be on the W3C Team. The Director
   422 <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> appoint <a href="#fellows">W3C Fellows</a> to
   423 the TAG.</p>
   424 <p>The remaining five TAG participants are elected by the W3C Advisory
   425 Committee following the <a href="#AB-TAG-elections">AB/TAG nomination and
   426 election process</a>.</p>
   427 <p>With the exception of the Chair, the terms of all TAG participants are for
   428 <span class="time-interval">two years</span>. Terms are staggered so that each
   429 year, either two or three elected terms, and either one or two appointed terms
   430 expire. If an individual is appointed or elected to fill an incomplete term,
   431 that individual's term ends at the normal expiration date of that term. Regular
   432 TAG terms begin on 1 February and end on 31 January.</p>
   433 <h3>2.5 <a name="AB-TAG-participation" id="AB-TAG-participation">Advisory Board
   434 and Technical Architecture Group Participation</a></h3>
   435 <p>Advisory Board and TAG participants have a special role within W3C: they are
   436 elected by the Membership and appointed by the Director with the expectation
   437 that they will use their best judgment to find the best solutions for the Web,
   438 not just for any particular network, technology, vendor, or user. Advisory
   439 Board and TAG participants are expected to participate regularly and fully.
   440 <a href="groups.html#good-standing">Good Standing</a> rules as defined for
   441 Working Group participants also apply to Advisory Board and TAG participants.
   442 Advisory Board and TAG participants <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> attend
   443 <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee meetings</a>.</p>
   444 <p>An individual participates on the Advisory Board or TAG from the moment the
   445 individual's term begins until the term ends or the seat is <a href=
   446 "#AB-TAG-vacated">vacated</a>. Although Advisory Board and TAG participants do
   447 not advocate for the commercial interests of their employers, their
   448 participation does carry the responsibilities associated with Member
   449 representation, Invited Expert status, or Team representation (as described in
   450 the section on the <a href="#AB-TAG-elections">AB/TAG nomination and election
   451 process</a>). See also the licensing obligations on TAG participants in
   452 <a href="">section
   453 3</a> of the <a href="">W3C Patent
   454 Policy</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-patentpolicy">PUB33</a>], and the claim
   455 exclusion process of <a href=
   456 "">section 4</a>.</p>
   457 <h4>2.5.1 <a id="AB-TAG-constraints" name="AB-TAG-constraints">Advisory Board
   458 and Technical Architecture Group Participation Constraints</a></h4>
   459 <p>Given the few seats available on the Advisory Board and the TAG, and in
   460 order to ensure that the diversity of W3C Members is represented:</p>
   461 <ul>
   462 <li>A Member organization is permitted at most one participant on the TAG.</li>
   463 <li>A Member organization is permitted at most one participant on the AB.</li>
   464 <li>An individual <span class="rfc2119">MUST NOT</span> participate on both the
   465 TAG and the AB.</li>
   466 </ul>
   467 <p>If, for whatever reason, these constraints are not satisfied (e.g., because
   468 a TAG or AB participant changes jobs), one participant <span class=
   469 "rfc2119">MUST</span> cease TAG or AB participation until the situation has
   470 been resolved. If after <span class="time-interval">30 days</span> the
   471 situation has not been resolved, the Chair will declare one participant's seat
   472 to be vacant. When more than one individual is involved, the <a href=
   473 "#random">verifiable random selection procedure</a> described below will be
   474 used to choose one person for continued participation.</p>
   475 <h4>2.5.2 <a id="AB-TAG-elections" name="AB-TAG-elections">Advisory Board and
   476 Technical Architecture Group Elections</a></h4>
   477 <p>The Advisory Board and a portion of the Technical Architecture Group are
   478 elected by the Advisory Committee. An election begins when the Team sends a
   479 Call for Nominations to the Advisory Committee. Any Call for Nominations
   480 specifies the number of available seats, the deadline for nominations, and the
   481 address where nominations are sent. The Director <span class=
   482 "rfc2119">SHOULD</span> announce appointments no later than the start of a
   483 nomination period, and generally as part of the Call for Nominations.</p>
   484 <p>Each Member (or group of <a href="#MemberRelated">related Members</a>)
   485 <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> nominate one individual. A nomination
   486 <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> be made with the consent of the nominee. In
   487 order for an individual to be nominated as a Member representative, the
   488 individual <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> qualify for <a href=
   489 "policies.html#member-rep">Member representation</a> and the Member's Advisory
   490 Committee representative <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> include in the
   491 nomination the (same) <a href="groups.html#member-rep-info">information
   492 required for a Member representative in a Working Group</a>. In order for an
   493 individual to be nominated as an Invited Expert, the individual <span class=
   494 "rfc2119">MUST</span> provide the (same) <a href=
   495 "groups.html#inv-expert-info">information required for an Invited Expert in a
   496 Working Group</a> and the nominating Advisory Committee representative
   497 <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> include that information in the nomination.
   498 In order for an individual to be nominated as a Team representative, the
   499 nominating Advisory Committee representative <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span>
   500 first secure approval from Team management. A nominee is <span class=
   501 "rfc2119">NOT REQUIRED</span> to be an employee of a Member organization, and
   502 <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> be a <a href="#fellows">W3C Fellow</a>. Each
   503 nomination <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> include a few informative
   504 paragraphs about the nominee.</p>
   505 <p>If, after the deadline for nominations, the number of nominees is:</p>
   506 <ul>
   507 <li>Equal to the number of available seats, those nominees are thereby elected.
   508 This situation constitutes a tie for the purposes of assigning <a href=
   509 "#short-term">short terms</a>.</li>
   510 <li>Less than the number of available seats, Calls for Nominations are issued
   511 until a sufficient number of people have been nominated. Those already
   512 nominated do not need to be renominated after a renewed call.</li>
   513 <li>Greater than the number of available seats, the Team issues a Call for
   514 Votes that includes the names of all candidates, the number of available seats,
   515 the deadline for votes, and the address where votes are sent.</li>
   516 </ul>
   517 <p>When there is a vote, each Member (or group of <a href=
   518 "#MemberRelated">related Members</a>) <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> vote for
   519 as many candidates as there are available seats; see the section on <a href=
   520 "acreview.html#ACVotes">Advisory Committee votes</a>. Once the deadline for
   521 votes has passed, the Team announces the results to the Advisory Committee. The
   522 candidates with the most votes are elected to the available seats. In case of a
   523 tie where there are more apparent winners than available seats (e.g., three
   524 candidates receive 10 votes each for two seats), the <a href=
   525 "#random">verifiable random selection procedure</a> described below will be
   526 used to fill the available seats.</p>
   527 <p id="short-term">The shortest term is assigned to the elected individual who
   528 received the fewest votes, the next shortest to the elected individual who
   529 received the next fewest, and so on. In the case of a tie among those eligible
   530 for a short term, the <a href="#random">verifiable random selection
   531 procedure</a> described below will be used to assign the short term.</p>
   532 <p>Refer to <a href="">How to Organize
   533 an Advisory Board or TAG election</a> [<a href=
   534 "refs.html#ref-election-howto">MEM15</a>] for more details.</p>
   535 <h5> <a name="random" id="random">Verifiable Random Selection
   536 Procedure</a></h5>
   537 <p>When it is necessary to use a verifiable random selection process (e.g., in
   538 an AB or TAG election, to "draw straws" in case of a tie or to fill a short
   539 term), W3C uses the random and verifiable procedure defined in <a href=
   540 "">RFC 2777</a> [<a href=
   541 "refs.html#ref-RFC2777">RFC2777</a>]. The procedure orders an input list of
   542 names (listed in alphabetical order by family name unless otherwise specified)
   543 into a "result order."</p>
   544 <p>W3C applies this procedure as follows:</p>
   545 <ol>
   546 <li>When N people have tied for M (less than N) seats. In this case, only the
   547 names of the N individuals who tied are provided as input to the procedure. The
   548 M seats are assigned in result order.</li>
   549 <li>After all elected individuals have been identified, when N people are
   550 eligible for M (less than N) short terms. In this case, only the names of those
   551 N individuals are provided as input to the procedure. The short terms are
   552 assigned in result order.</li>
   553 </ol>
   554 <h4>2.5.3 <a id="AB-TAG-vacated" name="AB-TAG-vacated">Advisory Board and
   555 Technical Architecture Group Vacated Seats</a></h4>
   556 <p>An Advisory Board or TAG participant's seat is vacated when either of the
   557 following occurs:</p>
   558 <ul>
   559 <li>the participant <a href="policies.html#resignation">resigns</a>, or</li>
   560 <li>the Chair asks the participant to <a href=
   561 "policies.html#resignation">resign</a>, for example because the participant has
   562 failed to remain in <a href="groups.html#good-standing">Good Standing</a>.</li>
   563 </ul>
   564 <p>When an Advisory Board or TAG participant changes affiliations, as long as
   565 <a href="#AB-TAG-constraints">Advisory Board and TAG participation
   566 constraints</a> are respected, the individual <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span>
   567 continue to participate until the next regularly scheduled election for that
   568 group. Otherwise, the seat is vacated.</p>
   569 <p>Vacated seats are filled according to this schedule:</p>
   570 <ul>
   571 <li>When an appointed TAG seat is vacated, the Director <span class=
   572 "rfc2119">MAY</span> re-appoint someone immediately, but no later than the next
   573 regularly scheduled election.</li>
   574 <li>When an elected seat on either the AB or TAG is vacated, the seat is filled
   575 at the next regularly scheduled election for the group unless the group Chair
   576 requests that W3C hold an election before then (for instance, due to the
   577 group's workload). The group Chair <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD NOT</span>
   578 request an exceptional election if the next regularly scheduled election is
   579 fewer than three months away.</li>
   580 </ul>
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