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    11 <title>8 Advisory Committee Reviews, Appeals, and Votes</title>
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    25 <h1>W3C Process Document</h1>
    26 <h2>8 <a name="ReviewAppeal" id="ReviewAppeal">Advisory Committee Reviews,
    27 Appeals, and Votes</a></h2>
    28 <div class="toc">
    29 <ul class="toc">
    30 <li class="tocline3"><a href="#ACReview" class="tocxref">8.1 Advisory Committee
    31 Reviews</a>
    32 <ul class="toc">
    33 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#ACReviewStart" class="tocxref">8.1.1 Start of a
    34 Review Period</a></li>
    35 <li class="tocline4"><a href="#ACReviewAfter" class="tocxref">8.1.2 After the
    36 Review Period</a></li>
    37 </ul>
    38 </li>
    39 <li class="tocline3"><a href="#ACAppeal" class="tocxref">8.2 Appeal by Advisory
    40 Committee Representatives</a></li>
    41 <li class="tocline3"><a href="#ACVotes" class="tocxref">8.3 Advisory Committee
    42 Votes</a></li>
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    47 <p>This section describes how the Advisory Committee reviews proposals from the
    48 Director and how Advisory Committee representatives appeal W3C decisions and
    49 decisions by the Director. A <a name="def-w3c-decision" id=
    50 "def-w3c-decision">W3C decision</a> is one where the Director (or the
    51 Director's delegate) has exercised the role of assessing consensus after an
    52 <a href="#ACReview">Advisory Committee review</a> of an <a href=
    53 "activities.html#ActivityProposal">Activity Proposal</a>, after a <a href=
    54 "tr.html#cfr">Call for Review of a Proposed Recommendation</a>, after a
    55 <a href="tr.html#cfr-edited">Call for Review of a Proposed Recommendation</a>,
    56 after a <a href="tr.html#proposed-rescinded-rec">Proposal to Rescind a W3C
    57 Recommendation</a>, and after a <a href="processdoc.html#GAProcess">Proposed
    58 Process Document</a> review.</p>
    59 <h3>8.1 <a name="ACReview" id="ACReview">Advisory Committee Reviews</a></h3>
    60 <p>The Advisory Committee reviews:</p>
    61 <ul>
    62 <li>proposals for <a href="activities.html#ActivityCreation">new</a>, <a href=
    63 "activities.html#ActivityModification">modified</a>, and <a href=
    64 "activities.html#ActivityExtension">extended Activities</a>,</li>
    65 <li><a href="groups.html#CharterReview">new and modified Working and Interest
    66 Groups</a>,</li>
    67 <li><a href="tr.html#cfr">Proposed Recommendations</a>, <a href=
    68 "tr.html#cfr-edited">Proposed Edited Recommendations</a>, <a href=
    69 "tr.html#proposed-rescinded-rec">Proposal to Rescind a Recommendation</a>,
    70 and</li>
    71 <li><a href="processdoc.html#GAProcess">Proposed changes to the W3C
    72 process</a>.</li>
    73 </ul>
    74 <h4>8.1.1 <a name="ACReviewStart" id="ACReviewStart">Start of a Review
    75 Period</a></h4>
    76 <p>Each Advisory Committee review period begins with a Call for Review from the
    77 Team to the Advisory Committee. The <a name="reviewform" id="reviewform">review
    78 form</a> describes the proposal, raises attention to deadlines, estimates when
    79 the decision will be available, and includes other practical information. Each
    80 Member organization <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> send one review, which
    81 <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> be returned by its Advisory Committee
    82 representative.</p>
    83 <p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> provide two channels for Advisory
    84 Committee review comments:</p>
    85 <ol>
    86 <li>an archived <a href="comm.html#Team-only">Team-only</a> channel; this is
    87 the default channel for reviews.</li>
    88 <li>an archived <a href="comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a> channel.</li>
    89 </ol>
    90 <p>Reviewers <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> send information to either or
    91 both channels. They <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> also share their reviews
    92 with other Members on the <a href="organization.html#ACCommunication">Advisory
    93 Committee discussion list</a>.</p>
    94 <p>A Member organization <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> modify its review
    95 during a review period (e.g., in light of comments from other Members).</p>
    96 <h4>8.1.2 <a name="ACReviewAfter" id="ACReviewAfter">After the Review
    97 Period</a></h4>
    98 <p>After the review period, the Director <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span>
    99 announce to the Advisory Committee the level of support for the proposal
   100 (<a href="policies.html#def-Consensus">consensus</a> or <a href=
   101 "policies.html#def-Dissent">dissent</a>). The Director <span class=
   102 "rfc2119">MUST</span> also indicate whether there were any Formal Objections,
   103 with attention to <a href="comm.html#confidentiality-change">changing
   104 confidentiality level</a>. This <a href="#def-w3c-decision">W3C decision</a> is
   105 generally one of the following:</p>
   106 <ol>
   107 <li>The proposal is approved, possibly with <a href=
   108 "tr.html#minor-change">minor changes</a> integrated.</li>
   109 <li>The proposal is approved, possibly with <a href=
   110 "tr.html#substantive-change">substantive changes</a> integrated. In this case
   111 the Director's announcement <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> include rationale
   112 for the decision to advance the document despite the proposal for a substantive
   113 change.</li>
   114 <li>The proposal is returned for additional work, with a request to the
   115 initiator to <a href="policies.html#formal-address">formally address</a>
   116 certain issues.</li>
   117 <li>The proposal is rejected.</li>
   118 </ol>
   119 <p>This document does not specify time intervals between the end of an Advisory
   120 Committee review period and the <a href="#def-w3c-decision">W3C decision</a>.
   121 This is to ensure that the Members and Team have sufficient time to consider
   122 comments gathered during the review. The Advisory Committee <span class=
   123 "rfc2119">SHOULD NOT</span> expect an announcement sooner than <span class=
   124 "time-interval">two weeks</span> after the end of a Proposed Recommendation
   125 review period. If, after <span class="time-interval">three weeks</span>, the
   126 Director has not announced the outcome, the Director <span class=
   127 "rfc2119">SHOULD</span> provide the Advisory Committee with an update.</p>
   128 <h3>8.2 <a name="ACAppeal" id="ACAppeal">Appeal by Advisory Committee
   129 Representatives</a></h3>
   130 <p>Advisory Committee representatives <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> appeal
   131 certain decisions, though appeals are only expected to occur in extraordinary
   132 circumstances.</p>
   133 <p>When Advisory Committee review immediately precedes a decision, Advisory
   134 Committee representatives <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> only appeal when
   135 there is <a href="policies.html#def-Dissent">dissent</a>. These decisions
   136 are:</p>
   137 <ul>
   138 <li><a href="tr.html#rec-publication">Publication of a Recommendation</a> or
   139 <a href="tr.html#publication-rescinded-rec">Publication of a Rescinded
   140 Recommendation</a>,</li>
   141 <li><a href="activities.html#ActivityProposal">Activity creation</a>, <a href=
   142 "activities.html#ActivityModification">modification</a>, or <a href=
   143 "activities.html#ActivityExtension">extension</a>,</li>
   144 <li><a href="groups.html#cfp">Working or Interest Group creation</a> or
   145 <a href="groups.html#charter-extension">extension</a>,</li>
   146 <li>Changes to the <a href="processdoc.html#GAProcess">W3C process</a>.</li>
   147 </ul>
   148 <p>Advisory Committee representatives <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> always
   149 appeal the following decisions:</p>
   150 <ul>
   151 <li><a href="activities.html#ActivityTermination">Activity closure</a>,</li>
   152 <li><a href="groups.html#charter-extension">Working or Interest Group
   153 extension</a> or <a href="groups.html#GeneralTermination">closure</a>,</li>
   154 <li><a href="tr.html#cfi">Call for Implementations</a>, <a href=
   155 "tr.html#cfr">Call for Review of a Proposed Recommendation</a>, <a href=
   156 "tr.html#cfr-edited">Call for Review of an Edited Recommendation</a>, or
   157 <a href="tr.html#proposed-rescinded-rec">Proposal to Rescind a
   158 Recommendation</a></li>
   159 <li>the Director's intention to sign a <a href="liaisons.html#mou">Memorandum
   160 of Understanding</a> with another organization.</li>
   161 </ul>
   162 <p>In all cases, an appeal <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> be initiated
   163 within <span class="time-interval">three weeks</span> of the decision.</p>
   164 <p>An Advisory Committee representative initiates an appeal by sending a
   165 request to the Team (explained in detail in the <a href=
   166 "">New Member Orientation</a>). The Team
   167 <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> announce the appeal process to the Advisory
   168 Committee and provide an address for comments from Advisory Committee
   169 representatives. The archive of these comments <span class=
   170 "rfc2119">MUST</span> be Member-visible. If, within <span class=
   171 "time-interval">one week</span> of the Team's announcement, 5% or more of the
   172 Advisory Committee support the appeal request, the Team <span class=
   173 "rfc2119">MUST</span> organize an appeal vote asking the Advisory Committee to
   174 approve or reject the decision. <!-- Voting procedure to be determined --></p>
   175 <h3>8.3 <a name="ACVotes" id="ACVotes">Advisory Committee Votes</a></h3>
   176 <p>The Advisory Committee votes in <a href=
   177 "organization.html#AB-TAG-elections">elections for seats on the TAG or Advisory
   178 Board</a>, and in the event of a formal appeal of a <a href=
   179 "#def-w3c-decision">W3C decision</a>. Whenever the Advisory Committee votes,
   180 each Member or group of <a href="organization.html#MemberRelated">related
   181 Members</a> has one vote. In the case of <a href=
   182 "organization.html#AB-TAG-elections">Advisory Board and TAG elections</a>, "one
   183 vote" means "one vote per available seat".</p>
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   194 </html>