Sport Vocabulary

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Event constructs

Sports Competition A competitive sporting event. Equivalent class: so:Competition
Multi-stage Competition A Multi-stage Competition is a competition that is organised as a set of stages. An example is the Football World Cup. Subclass of: SportsCompetition Equivalent class: so:MultiStageCompetition
Match A competitive game between two teams. Cross discipline use, Tennis and Soccer for example. Subclass of: SportsEvent Equivalent class: so:Match
Race A competition between at least two parties. Cross discipline use, Formula 1 and Athletics for example. Subclass of: SportsEvent


Sports Discipline Also generally known as Sport, Discipline is more specific. Rugby League is a Discipline as it has a different set of rules from Rugby Union. Equivalent class: so:SportsDiscipline
Soccer Team sport, also known as football. See also: Soccer on Wikipedia.
American Football Team sport, also known as football. See also: American Football on Wikipedia.
Tennis Racquet sport usually played between two individuals. See also: Tennis on Wikipedia.

Abstract entities

SportsOrganization An organization involved in Sport, for example the UK Government Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Subclass of: Organization Equivalent class: so:SportingOrganization
SportsGoverningBody The Governing Body for a sport, such as The Football Association. Subclass of: SportsOrganization Equivalent class: so:GoverningBody

People - Competitiors and Officials

SportsPerson A person involved in Sport, an athlete or official for example. Subclass of: Person
SportsCompetitor A Field or Track Athlete, Soccer player, F1 driver, Jockey, Swimmer etc. Subclass of: Sports Person
Soccer Player Someone who plays Soccer.
has position Relates a team member to a position on a field or pitch.
FieldPosition The place on sports field or pitch where the member of a team is assigned to play or 'fielded'.
Forward A team member positioned near to the opposing teams defending zone.
SportsOfficial A person involved in a Sporting event that is not a competitior, for example a Referee, Linesman or Umpire. Subclass of: Sports Person

Statistic constructs

Sports Statistic Measurements of Sporting aspects such as wins, losses, point, draws, scores etc. Subclass of: Intangible
Wins The number of wins achieved by a team or individual for a given competition or period of time.
Losses The number of losses achieved by a team or individual for a given competition or period of time.
Draws The number of draws achieved by a team or individual for a given competition or period of time.
Points The number of points accrued by a team or individual for a given competition or period of time.
has achieved The relationship between a team or individual and a Sports Statistic such as 'wins'. Range: SportsStatistic

Display constructs

Standings A ranked display of teams or individuals in a competition. Also known as a League table.
Results Table A grouped display of a team or individuals performance in a single competition or series of events over a period of time.