Technical Publishing Vocabulary

See Wiki overview and blog post for details.

TechArticle A technical article - Example: How-to (task) topics, step-by-step, procedural troubleshooting, specifications, etc. Subclass of: Article
dependencies Prerequisites needed to fulfill steps in article. Domain: TechArticle Range: Text
proficiencyLevel Proficiency needed for this content; expected values: 'Beginner', 'Expert'. Domain: TechArticle Range: Text
APIReference Reference documentation for application programming interfaces (APIs). Subclass of: TechArticle
assembly Library file name e.g., mscorlib.dll, system.web.dll Domain: APIReference Range: Text
assemblyVersion Associated product/technology version. e.g., .NET Framework 4.5 Domain: APIReference Range: Text
programmingModel Indicates whether API is managed or unmanaged. Domain: APIReference Range: Text
targetPlatform Type of app development: phone, Metro style, desktop, XBox, etc. Domain: APIReference Range: Text
Code Computer programming source code. Example: Full (compile ready) solutions, code snippet samples, scripts, templates. Subclass of: CreativeWork
codeRepository Link to the repository where the un-compiled, human readable code and related code is located (SVN, github, CodePlex) Domain: Code Range: URL
sampleType Full (compile ready) solution, code snippet, inline code, scripts, template. Domain: Code Range: Text
programmingLanguage The computer programming language. Domain: Code Range: Thing
runtime Runtime platform or script interpreter dependencies (Example - Java v1, Python2.3, .Net Framework 3.0) Domain: Code Range: Text
targetProduct Target Operating System / Product to which the code applies. If applies to several versions, just the product name can be used. Domain: Code Range: SoftwareApplication