This document describes changes to the schema. It serves as a summary of draft/pending changes, and later as a record of updates. For more detail of proposals and drafts see the proposals listing. Specific pending changes are listed below.

Recent Changes

A summary of major changes to the vocabulary. We may fix some smaller bugs and typos without noting here, but in general, this is the document where specific draft changes are queued and documented.

Edition 0.91

Version 0.91 was scheduled for mid-April 2012, to include resolution of Singularity issue (singular form of property names); *URL/*Url property spelling conventions, the addition of Comment, and SoftwareApplication.

These were submitted for inclusion 2012-04-16 went live during the following 7-10 days.

Singularity changes:

Comment changes:

Based on Comment proposal:

SoftwareApplication changes:

Based on SoftwareApplication proposal:

(Note, proposal detail had to be reworked to fit new singular idiom and URL/Url case)

Specifically: screenshots became screenshot; operatingSystems became operatingSystem; devices became device. Also 'browsers' became 'browserRequirements' for consistency with 'carrierRequirements'.

Converge URL/Url spelling

Changes Pending (drafts)

A package of additions for a "1.0" release was announced in early June 2012. The details will be recorded here:

The 1.0 vocabulary is expected to include substantial additions including support for genealogy (via, e-commerce (through collaboration with Good Relations), Learning / Education (with LRMI), a Medical/health vocabulary, additions for describing technical/code and API documentation, and for improved modeling of TV/Radio content.

For Edition 0.95

Version 0.95 adds health/medical, and some smaller fixes.


The health/medical vocabulary is documented externally. It has been discussed and reviewed by the public-vocabs group, various professional groups, and by W3C's Semantic Web Lifesciences group.

See wiki for background, and for details. We don't list the entire vocabulary here.

For Edition 1.0

From 1.0 announcement, "The 1.0 vocabulary is expected to include substantial additions including support for ..."

Details follow. Examples need to be collected elsewhere (wiki: TODO).

historical-data changes:


Good Relations

Bulk details to be added or converted to suitable form by Dan Brickley + Martin Hepp. The Wiki page links to master .doc


The proposal is summarised in the Web Schemas wiki:

TechArticle, API Reference, Code

(to be added)

TV/Radio improvements

Details are in wiki.

Change Log

None (as of 2012-04-10)

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