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       The Touch Interface specification defines a set of low-level events that represent one or more points of contact with a touch-sensitive surface, and changes of those points with respect to the surface and any DOM elements displayed upon it (e.g. for touch screens) or associated with it (e.g. for drawing tablets without displays).  It also addresses pen-tablet devices, such as drawing tablets, with consideration toward stylus capabilities.
+    <section id='conformance'>
+      <p>This specification defines conformance criteria that apply to a single product: the <dfn id="dfn-user-agent">user agent</dfn> that implements the interfaces that it contains. </p>
+      <p>Implementations that use ECMAScript to implement the APIs defined in this specification must implement them in a manner consistent with the ECMAScript Bindings defined in the Web IDL specification [[!WEBIDL]] as this specification uses that specification and terminology.  </p>
+      <p> A conforming implementation is required to implement all fields defined in this specification. </p>
+    </section>
       <h2><a>TouchPoint</a> Interface</h2>