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     non-<a href=http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/editing.html#editable>editable</a> due to the change.</p>
     <div class=example>
-        <p>In the following example, Because <code><a href=#dom-undomanager-item>item()</a></code> returns new array on each call,
-        modifying the array does not have any effect on the sequence of <a href=#dom-transaction>DOM transactions</a> of the entry,
-        and two return values of <code><a href=#dom-undomanager-item>item()</a></code> are alwys different objects.</p>
+        <p>In the following example, the first child element of the container becomes editable when the container's
+        <code>contentEditable</code> IDL is set to true, resulting in the first child element's <code><a href=#undomanager>UndoManager</a></code>
+        to be <a href=#disconnect-undomanager>disconnected</a>.
+        The second child element's <code><a href=#undomanager>UndoManager</a></code> isn't <a href=#disconnect-undomanager>disconnected</a>
+        because the second child did not become editable as a result of the assignment.</p>
         <pre>&lt;div id="container"&gt;
     &lt;div undoscope&gt;This will be editable&lt;/div&gt;