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 order is defined as the postorder traversal of a document
 <p>The semantics of the value <code>auto</code> are those defined by
-<bibref ref="xsl11"/>, &sect; 7.28.9, where the <el>tt</el> element
+<bibref ref="xsl11"/>, &sect; 7.30.18, where the <el>tt</el> element
 is considered to establish the root stacking context.</p>
 <p>If a specified value of this attribute is not supported,
 then a presentation processor must interpret the attribute as if the
@@ -7570,7 +7570,7 @@
 <item><p><loc href="#content-vocabulary-span"><el>span</el></loc></p></item>
 <p>The semantics of parallel and sequential time
-containment are those defined by <bibref ref="smil21"/>, &sect; 10.3.2,
+containment are those defined by <bibref ref="smil21"/>, &sect; 10.4.2,
 while taking into account any overriding semantics defined by this specification.</p>
@@ -7847,7 +7847,7 @@
 <note role="derivation">
 <p>The semantics of the <el>set</el> element
 are based upon that defined by <bibref ref="smil21"/>,
-&sect; 3.5.2.</p>
+&sect; 3.6.2.</p>