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This README is for the W3C RDF Working Group's RDF Entailment test suite. 
This test suite contains two kinds of tests:

  Positive Entailment Tests (mf:PositiveEntailmentTest)
  Negative Entailment Tests (mf:NegativeEntailmentTest)

The manifest.ttl file in this directory lists all of the approved tests in the
RDF WG's RDF Entailment test suite.   The manifest-az.ttl file in this
directory lists proposed tests.  Please try both sets of tests as
appropriate, as some of the proposed tests may become approved tests.

Each test is one of the above kinds of tests. All tests have 
- a name (mf:name),
- an input RDF graph URL (mf:action),
- an output RDF graph URL or the special marker false (mf:result),
- an entailment regime, which is "simple", "RDF", or "RDFS" (mf:entailmentRegime),
- a list of recognized datatypes (mf:recognizedDatatypes),
- a list of unrecognized datatypes (mf:unrecognizedDatatypes).

An implementation passes a Positive (Negative) Entailment Test if, when
configured to 
1/ perform entailment under the entailment regime of the test or some
   entailment regime that is stronger (weaker) than the entailment regime and
2/ recognize all the datatypes in the list of recognized datatypes and
   none of the datatypes in the list of unrecognized datatypes,
- for tests that have an output graph, determines that the input RDF graph
  entails (does not entail) the output RDF graph
- for tests that have false as output, either determines that the input
  RDF graph entails (does not entail) an inconsistent RDF graph or that the
  input RDF graph is inconsistent (consistent).

An implementation also passes a test if when configured differently from a
correct configuration as given above nonetheless produces the given result,
and the result is correct in the configured entailment regime with the
configured recognized datatypes.

The home of the test suite should eventually be
Per RFC 3986 section 5.1.3, the base IRI for parsing each file is the
retrieval IRI for that file, but changing base IRIs should not affect any
testing results.

Test results should be submitted as EARL reports.   See
http://www.w3.org/TR/EARL10-Schema/ for information on EARL.  

A document on the results of the testing is at 
which currently has only a null report.
This document has more information on submitting reports, including examples
of what the reports should contain.