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 Consider two activities  <span class="name">a1</span> and <span class="name">a2</span>, the former performed by a government agency, and the latter by a driver caught speeding. 
 </p><pre class="codeexample">activity(a1, [ prov:type="traffic regulations enforcing" ])
-activity(a2, [ prov:type="fine paying, check writing, and mailing" ])
+activity(a2, [ prov:type="fine <span class="delete">paying, check writing, and mailing"</span><span class="insert">paying"</span> ])
 wasInformedBy(a2, a1)
 The last line indicates that some implicit entity was generated by  <span class="name">a1</span> and used by  <span class="name">a2</span>; this entity may be a traffic ticket that had a notice of fine, amount, and payment mailing details.
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 </span></li><li> <a href=""><span class="insert">ISSUE-508</span></a><span class="insert">: Clarified the bold names and parameters  in  text preceding </span><a href="#prov-dm-types-and-relations-fig"><span class="insert">Table 5</span></a><span class="insert">.
 </span></li><li> <a href=""><span class="insert">ISSUE-501</span></a><span class="insert">: Put the example about driving a car to Boston in a box.
 </span></li><li> <a href=""><span class="insert">ISSUE-450</span></a><span class="insert">, </span><a href=""><span class="insert">ISSUE-514</span></a><span class="insert">: added table with secondary objects in relations.
+</span></li><li> <a href=""><span class="insert">ISSUE-512</span></a><span class="insert">: simplied type of activity a2 to "fine paying"