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 The attribute <span class="name">prov:location</span> is an OPTIONAL attribute of <a>Entity</a>, <a>Activity</a>, <a>Agent</a>, <a>Usage</a>, <a>Generation</a>, <a>Invalidation</a>, <a>Start</a>, and <a>End</a>.  The value associated with the  attribute <span class="name">prov:location</span> MUST be a PROV-DM <a title="value">Value</a>, expected to denote a location.
+<p>While the attribute <span class="name">prov:location</span> is allowed for several PROV concepts, it may not make sense to use it in some cases. For example, an activity that describes the relocation of an entity will have start and end locations, as well as every place in between those points.</p>
 <div class="anexample" id="example-location">
 <p>The following expression describes entity Mona Lisa, a painting, with a location attribute. </p>
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 <li> <a href="">ISSUE-512</a>: simplied type of activity a2 to "fine paying"
 <li> <a href="">ISSUE-509</a>: modified the introductory text to UML figures, so that they refer to relation names (e.g. WasStartedBy) as visualized in figures
 <li> <a href="">ISSUE-515</a>: fixed typo
+<li> <a href="">ISSUE-531</a>: added sentence on the use of prov:location attribute.