Adding spec positioning clarification per mailing list consensus
Mon, 01 Apr 2013 23:52:18 -0700
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Adding spec positioning clarification per mailing list consensus
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     1.5  	  <p>The events for handling generic pointer input look a lot like those for mouse: pointerdown, pointermove, pointerup, pointerover, pointerout, etc. This facilitates easy content migration from Mouse Events to Pointer Events.
     1.6  		Pointer Events provide all the usual properties present in Mouse Events (client coordinates, target element, button states, etc.) in addition to new properties for other forms of input: pressure, contact geometry, tilt, etc. So authors can easily code to Pointer Events to share logic between different input types where it makes sense, and customize for a particular type of input only where necessary to get the best experience.</p>
     1.7 +	  <p>While Pointer Events are sourced from a variety of input devices, they are not defined as being generated from some other set of device-specific events. While possible and encouraged for compatibility, this spec does not require other device-specific events be supported (e.g. mouse events, touch events, etc.).  A user agent could support pointer events without supporting any other device events. For compatibility with content written to mouse-specific events, this specification does provide an optional section describing how to generate compatibility mouse events based on pointer input from devices other than a mouse.</p>
     1.8 +	  
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