Pointer Events

Disposition of Last Call Comments

#Date RaisedIssueCommenterResolution/Response to CommenterSubstantial change?
12/12pointerType ExtensibilityAlex RussellV.Next - WG participantN/A
22/12Spec should lead with examplesAlex RussellAccepted - WG participantNo
32/12Should pointerID be an integer?Alex RussellNo change, added non-normative note - WG participantNo
42/12Change buttons field representation?Alex RussellV.Next - WG participantN/A
52/12The new touch-action CSS property seems to have conceptual overlap with the pointer-events propertyAlex RussellNo action - WG participantN/A
62/12navigator.maxTouchPoints seems deeply touch-specific?Alex RussellNo change - WG participantN/A
72/12Clarify the positioning of the spec?Alex RussellAccepted - WG participantNo
82/20Clarify that context menu is not a compatibility mouse eventRick ByersAdded clarification - WG participantNo
93/04Missing rotation attribute on PointerEventMose BottaciniV.Next (no response from commenter)N/A
103/15Pointer event behavior across windowsRick ByersOut-of-scope - WG participantN/A
113/153D PointersBill FisherV.Next - external commenterN/A
123/18Editorial changesArt BarstowAccepted - WG participantNo
133/18Preventing browser reaction via a custom CSS property contradicts both the CSS paradigmCharles McCathie NevileNo change - WG participantN/A
143/18Use spherical coordinates?Charles McCathie NevileNo change - WG participantN/A
153/18pointer capture doesn't add any valueCharles McCathie NevileNo change - WG participantN/A
163/18Why should the mouse have pointerId == 1?Charles McCathie NevileAccepted - WG participantNo
173/18Return active pointers?Charles McCathie NevileV.Next - WG participantN/A
183/24Distinguishing input from multiple usersSangwhan MoonMoved to Web Apps WGN/A
193/26IDL bug - add all extensions to Document and Window interfacesJacob RossiAccepted - WG participantNo
204/03Constructor question and mouseEvents compatWesley JohnstonPartially Accepted - WG participantNo
214/04Pointer List for multi-touchBenoit MarchantNo change - external commenterN/A
224/05Are gotpointercapture/lostpointercapture sync or async events?Boris ZbarskyAdded Clarification - WG participantNo
234/05touch-action block-level element restrictionBoriz ZbarskyNo change, added non-normative note - WG participantNo