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-<p class=XXX>bidi
+<p>This section is written in terms equivalent to those used in the
+Rendering section of HTML. <span data-anolis-ref>HTML</span>
+<!-- keep this in sync with
+     http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/#text-rendered-in-native-user-interfaces -->
+<p>User agents are expected to honor the Unicode semantics of the text of a
+<span title=concept-notification>notification</span>'s <span>title</span>
+and <span>body</span>.
+<p>The directionality of a
+<span title=concept-notification>notification</span>'s <span>title</span> is
+given by its <span>title direction</span>. If that is
+"<code title>auto</code>", the directionality is "<code title>rtl</code>" if
+<span>title</span> contains a character of bidirectional character type AL
+or R, and there is no character of bidirectional character type L anywhere
+before it, or "<code title>ltr</code>" otherwise.
+<!-- copied from HTML: -->
+<p>A <span title=concept-notification>notification</span>'s
+<span>body</span> is expected to be treated as an independent set of one or
+more bidirectional algorithm paragraphs when displayed, as defined by the
+bidirectional algorithm, including, for instance, supporting the
+paragraph-breaking behaviour of U+000A LINE FEED (LF) characters.
+<p>The higher-level override of rules P2 and P3 is provided by a
+<span title=concept-notification>notification</span>'s
+<span>body direction</span>, when that is not "<code title>auto</code>".
+<span data-anolis-ref>BIDI</span>