Disposition of Comments

DOM Parsing and Serialization

This document tracks the comments received from the DOM Parsing and Serialization specification's Last Call period ending 07 January 2014.

The following comments were recieved during the Last Call period:

Comment Number Comment Editor's Response Commentor's Response

Reported by Anne van Kesteren:


Changes were made to the spec, including new dependencies on DOM L2 Core without any discussion on a public forum.

DOM L2 Core dependencies added: CDATASection and internalSubset of DocType nodes. Per DOM4 the CDATASection interface and internalSubset property has been removed.

Rebuttal against making CDATASection and internalSubset optional.

Accepted. Change was made to remove CDATASection and internalSubset serialization steps from the algorithm. [Diff] TBD

Reported by Ms2ger:


Objection to addition of Ms2ger to the specification editor's list, which reverted previously closed Bug 18935.

Accepted. Change was reverted: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webapps/2013OctDec/0826.html [Diff] TBD

Reported by Victor Costan


The < (LESS THAN) character should be escaped in the XML attribute serialization algorithm.

Accepted. Change was made to add the appropriate escaping. [Diff] Approved

Reported by Victor Costan


The setAttributeNS allows the creation of attributes that have a non-null namespace URI, but no prefix. This case does not seem to be handled by the current algorithm in the spec, but should be.

Accepted. Fixing this required a substantial update to the algorithm, but the update now includes proper handling of attributes in non-null namespaces including automatic prefix generation if necessary (which also applies to elements in certain situations). [First draft diff, Followup draft diff, Polish pass diff] TBD