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Correction to the namespace prefix matching sub-steps--they must only consider real XMLNS attributes.
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  <title>Disposition of Comments - DOM Parsing and Serialization</title>
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 <h1>Disposition of Comments</h1>
 <h2>DOM Parsing and Serialization</h2>
 <p>This document tracks the comments received from the 
    <a href="">DOM Parsing and Serialization</a>
    specification's Last Call period ending 07 January 2014.
 <p>The following comments were recieved during the Last Call period:
   <th>Comment Number</th>
      <p>Reported by Anne van Kesteren:
      <p><a href=""></a>
      <p>Changes were made to the spec, including new dependencies on DOM L2 Core without any 
        discussion on a public forum.
      <p>DOM L2 Core dependencies added: <a href="">
        CDATASection and internalSubset of DocType nodes</a>. Per <a href="">
        DOM4</a> the CDATASection interface and internalSubset property has been removed. 
      <p><a href="">
        Rebuttal against making CDATASection and internalSubset optional</a>.
     <p>No response yet.
    <p>Reported by Ms2ger:
    <p><a href=""></a>
    <p>Objection to addition of Ms2ger to the specification editor's list, which reverted previously
     closed <a href="">Bug 18935</a>.
   <td data-accepted>
     Accepted. Change was reverted: <a href=""></a>
    <p>Reported by Victor Costan
    <p><a href=""></a>
    <p>The &lt; (LESS THAN) character should be escaped in the XML attribute serialization algorithm.
    <p>No response yet.
    <p>Reported by Victor Costan
    <p><a href=""></a>
    <p>The setAttributeNS allows the creation of attributes that have a non-null namespace URI, but 
     no prefix. This case does not seem to be handled by the current algorithm in the spec, but should
    <p>No response yet.