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Fix bug 25582 Two short questions
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  <title>Disposition of Comments - DOM Parsing and Serialization</title>
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 <h1>Disposition of Comments</h1>
 <h2>DOM Parsing and Serialization</h2>
 <p>This document tracks the comments received from the 
    <a href="">DOM Parsing and Serialization</a>
    specification's 2nd Last Call period ending 22 May 2014.
 <p>The following comments were received during the Last Call period:
   <th>Comment Number</th>
      <p>Reported by spiritRKS1910 (
      <p><a href="">Bug 25565 - [DOM-P&S] Another small bugs</a></p>
	  <p>Bug report containing 13 "small bugs and other suggestions" rolled into a single report.
     <p>Accepted these as great editorial changes.
    <p>Reported by spiritRKS1910 (
      <p><a href="">Bug 25582 - [DOM-P&S] Two short questions</a></p>
	  <p>Bug report with two questions (clarification requests).
     <p>Answered these to the satisfaction of the opener in the bug comments. May make an editorial change to clarify the answer in the spec.